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Vornaax, Worm Guard
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Arath's Vengeance







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Hell's Gate


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Vornaax, Worm Guard is the first boss of the Hell's Gate Raid. He is Varlak's most powerful lieutenant and closest friend as well as one of the elite guards of the Worm Gods, and so he has been chosen to guard the gates to the next encounter.


Vornaxx, like his superior and friend Varlak, is among the first Knights created during the earliest days of the Hive. Before he joined Arath's Vengeance with Varlak, Vornaxx served as a bodyguard to one of the Worm Gods, Eir, destroying those of the Hive who felt betrayed with their "offer" but they were few and far in-between. Unlike Varlak, Vornaxx had little ambition, for he only desired conflict and not to become a god of the Hive. It wouldn't be long before Vornaxx grew tired with his role and sought the conflict he so eagerly sought. Varlak soon met him and offered him to join Xivu Arath's army as his chief lieutenant. Vornaxx accepted without hesitation. Since then, Vornaxx has killed many warriors from many worlds and carried out the will of Xivu Arath and Varlak without question.

When Arath's Vengeance traveled to the Solar System to avenge the Ascendant Hive killed by the Guardians and enforce Xivu Arath's will over the disparate Hive in the System, Vornaxx was given the task of defending their new base on Titan, Hell's Gate. Though annoyed that he won't be leading attacks against the warriors of light, Varlak has assured him that the Guardians will come to him.


Vornaax has a few unique attacks that no other Knight has, as he has been granted the rank of being a personal guard of the Worm Gods, and so his Worm has gifted him with some special abilities.

Heavy Shredder[edit]

Vornaax's personal weapon, the Heavy Shredder is a one-handed machine gun that unleashes high-damage, high-accuracy Void bolts at a rate of 900 RPM. It also comes built-in with a Boomer fire mode, although he has to charge his weapon in order achieve that fire mode, but the Boomer projectiles travel very quickly, have no gravitational drop, and immediately bring down Guardian shields to their critical state.

Temporary Vanish/Teleportation[edit]

Just like Alak-Hul, the Darkblade, Vornaax has the ability to temporarily vanish from the arena to teleport to another location, although he uses this ability more often.

Life Drainage[edit]

After taking a particularly powerful attack, Vornaax will take one Guardian at random and suck the life out of them until their shield has dropped down to critical state, and have their recovery disabled for 60 seconds.

Eminent Revenge[edit]

Once every minute, Vornaax will enrage and will fire Ogre's eye blasts that will disable agility when they land a hit. This attack will last for 30 seconds without stopping.

Worm Infection[edit]

When at half health, Vornaax will tap into a random Guardian's Light and insert a live Worm inside their body. This will prevent them from using their grenade, melee, and Super abilities. To counter this debuff, you have to kill some Hive troops. You have 15 seconds to do this or you will die.