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Last of the Kells
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House of Lions

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Joskaa, Lion Kell


"Chelchis, Yorvik, Virixas, Solkis, Draksis, Skolas, Lorkxyn and Craask. All fell...I am the last of the Kells...How unfortunate."

The Last of the Kells is an Exotic Sparrow created by Joskaa, the Kell of Lions. The Sparrow can be obtained by either doing the Kell's Arena rounds, or by completing a powerful Kell's Wrath bounties.


Joskaa sat over the throne in curiosity. The Dreg bow in order to try to please the Kell within the shadows of the throne room.

"So the House broken?" The Kell of Lions says while he stroking his chin, something he learned from The Spider.

"Yes..." The broken soul said while she was studdering.

"And now they have resort to fight each other for the right of leadership"

The Dreg began to quiver to hope for the Kell would be willing to listen to help her. "House Dusk has tried to survive...but other now fight each others to be Kell.

Joskaa mutter to himself. "I knew this wouldn't work, now they fight to take control over the House...Dammit Craask."

"The King Kell?!?" the Dreg said when she heard the Lion Kell curses the Kell of Kings.

"Yes...why, I believe Craask should have watch over Dusk, and led it, instead of having his pets do it for him, while he hides away."

"Haven't you heard..."


"The King dead"

Joskaa's eye widen and clenched his fist. As he felt those words hit him. "He's dead..." He said to himself "This can't be..."

The Dreg dropped to her knees to plea to the Kell of Lions. "Please, you need to us, please O great Kell."

"Why should I?"

"They have done terrible things to us, they use us, slaughter us, and even their Splicers have done horrifying experiments on see if we can throw each other to their own cousins to a win a they what have done to me." The Dreg slowly limped to the light, and what Joskaa saw in horror. The Dreg's lower arms covered in SIVA, her back affected by SIVA, and her right eyes replaced with small nodes from SIVA. The Kell's Guards stepped back while pointing their blades at her. Joskaa gets up from the throne and raises his hand to signal the guards to stand down. "We'll...we will help you."

"Thank you! have our graditude"

Joskaa looks over in his war room, under the Lions' throne, where he looks over maps and star boards, he had his down. "So Craask is dead...this is it...we're doomed...the Kells of Old are dead. But I'm their last...Dang it" the young Kell says to himself. "We need a new leader for our people, someone who can save us from extinction, we need..." He stops himself as he look over an Icy planet. "But if we are going to have a new leader, we need to cut off them...we need to cut off anyone who will lead us to our destruction...we need to stop those Dusk." He says to himself, before contacting his scout networks to report around Hoth and contact his old friend of his, to head to the Planet of Ice to help stem the root of skirmish.


  • Forgotten Honor
  • Elksni Strength


  • The Sparrow has a similar appearance to that of a Pike, becoming second Exotic vehicle in Destiny 2, to have a Fallen style to it. The first is the Death to Kells.
    • Last of the Kells name, might be a opposite of the Death to Kells.

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