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Other name(s):

The Resurected
Cabal Zombies
Traitor Legion
Broken Cult


Control the Solar System
Exterminate all Life
Wreak Havoc

At war with:

The Last City


War-torn armor
Minor to major wounds and scarring
Dark, glowing aura
Savage nature

Average lifespan:


Notable individuals:

Thekmar, the Necromancer
Cavuul, the Vengeful
Vikrusk, the Pestilent
Palxos, the Sundred
Dumu'ulusk, the Harbinger
Qurulos, Sigil-Bearer
Jylzhan, Hell-Caller
Zuulk, Blight-Shaper


The Bannertorn is a faction of Undead Cabal serving Thekmar. This faction is a spin on the Scorn.




The Rise[edit]

Siege of Mars[edit]



The Bannertorn use Cabal weaponry warped in a manner that they shouldn't work.


  • Cleaver -Melee weapon used only by Butchers and Ritual Cultists. Deals a minor amount of Void damage.
  • Infection Pistol -Light weapon that fires fast Void rounds that can fragment if next to a target.
  • Fester Rifle -Warped Slug Rifle commonly used by Bannertorn troops. Fires tracking Void rounds.
  • Vile Grenade -Grenades that explodes with Arc energy in a large blast radius.
  • Blood Hook -Void blade thrown at a target, if the hook hits, the target is dragged to the thrower. Thrown by a Scourge, Despoiler and a Warrior.
  • Virus Rifle -Warped Projection Rifle that fires Arc rounds with a bigger blast radius.
  • Sickness Launcher -Warped Bronto Cannon used more by Warriors. Fires Arc rounds that leaves a damaging area of affect.
  • Venom Cannon -Sort ranged Void shotgun that deals high damage upon impact.
  • Vector Rifle -Warped Headhunter used among Prowlers. Fires a 3-round burst of high-damage Void rounds.
  • Pandemic Cannon -Heavy weapon used by Warlords. Fires Solar rounds at a high rate of fire, much like the Heavy Slug Thrower.
  • Contaminant Shell -Solar Mortar rounds fired by Scourges, Warlords and Despoilers.
  • Contaigon Spreader -Weapon used by Specters. Fires pools of Arc energy at a target, the lower the health of the target, the longer the effect lasts.
  • Pestilence Claws -Melee weapon used by Brutes. Deals major Void damage to a target, and knocks them back.
  • Splice Staff -Weapon used by Shamans. Depending on the energy represented by the Shaman, deals any type of energy.
  • Hunter Drone -Drone deployed by a Despoiler. Explodes with Solar energy near a target and flings shrapnel for Arc damage.


  • Shrine -Destructible structure that continually summons reinforcements. Dropped from orbit or summoned by a Shaman.
  • Gargoyle -Ramshackle Scorpius turrets with a higher rate of fire and packs a blast-shield.
  • Raider -Ramshackle Thresher gunships that carries a Heavy Slug Thrower and Missile Pods. Critical Spot can be found on it's engines.
  • Lancer -Ramshackle Interceptor with thicker armor, fires more explosive rounds and deals more ramming damage.
  • Desolator -Ramshackle Goliath Tank with its cannons replaced by Missile Pods, attempts to ram targets, and leaves a trail of burning Solar energy.
  • Blitzer -Harvester with 2 more turrets on it's wings. Can be destroyed by shooting the fuel reserves under their wings.
  • Assaulter -Warped Cabal Warships used by the Bannertorn to assault enemy positions.
  • Harborer -Warped Cabal carriers used by the Bannertorn as Mobile bases and deployment.

Command Structure[edit]


  • Butcher -Common cannon fodder used by the Bannertorn. Only use Cleavers.
    • Savage Butcher
    • Pit Fighter
  • Peon -Common Bannertorn troops deployed as often as Butchers. Throws Vile Grenades.
    • Savage Peon
    • Martyr -Peon variant that, if close to death, regains some health and attempt to explode a target, claiming it at well.
  • Charger -Former Phalanx that carries a spiked shield and, as the name applies, attempts to charge and run down a foe.
    • Savage Charger
  • Warrior -Former Centurion that can mark a target for allies and carries a Blood Hook. More aggressive than any other troop of the Bannertorn. Rarely packs an Arc shield.
    • Savage Warrior
  • Scourge -Large, infected Cabal that is very resilient and powerful, carries a Blood Hook in which a target is immediately pulled to it, and always will be an Ultra. Also fires Contaminant Shells or Missile Swarms.
  • Specter -Former Incendior armed with Contaigon Spreaders and fires one Void Missile Swarm at a time.
    • Savage Specter
  • Brute -Large Cabal that uses Pestilence Claws and moves slowly.
    • Savage Brute
  • Warlord -Former Colossus that wields a Pandemic Cannon and launches Contaminant Shells.
    • Savage Warlord


  • Cultist -Former Psion that's less armored. There are two types of Cultists.
    • Ritual Cultist -Cultists that work in a similar way as Dregs, carries Infection Pistols and Cleavers. Throws Vile Grenades.
      • Savage Ritual Cultist
    • Assault Cultist -Cultist that uses heavier weapons. Throws Vile Grenades.
      • Savage Assault Cultist
  • Prowler -Snipers that tend to stay far from battle. Can create decoys of self to throw off opponents.
    • Savage Prowler
  • Outrider -Vehicle Pilots that can occasionally overcharge vehicles with a faster rate of fire and more health. Can hijack vehicles.
    • Savage Outrider
    • Siege-Bringer
  • Despoiler -Large, Ultra Psion packed with a Void shield, launches Contaminant Shells, deploys Hunter Drones, carries heavier weapons, utilizes any Psionic ability, hones a Blood Hook and can use the Quake ability.
  • Shaman -Larger Psion that can summon Shrines, teleports instantaneously, and lead the Bannertorn.
    • Solar Shaman -Splice Staffs fires a continuous stream of flame and uses a Flame Burst.
      • Savage Solar Shaman
    • Arc Shaman -Splice Staffs fires a branching lightning bolt at a target(s) and summons a "Lightning Storm" over a spot.
      • Savage Arc Shaman
    • Void Shaman -Splice Staffs fires Void pellets at a high rate of fire and can enhance allies in it's vicinity.
      • Savage Void Shaman

War Beast[edit]

  • Hound -Former War Beast that appears in higher numbers and deals Arc damage.
    • Savage Hound
  • Seeker -More resilient Hounds that can lunge at a target from great distances and apply the Stagger effect.
    • Savage Seeker
    • Vector's Pack
  • Abomination -Extremely resilient, warped War Beasts that can fire Arc Spikes at a target, "vomit"on a target for Solar damage, and, upon death, explodes in Void energy.
    • Savage Abomination
    • Alpha Hound


High Commanders[edit]

Corrupt Lieutenants[edit]

-Umbranox, Plaguebringer
-Qurulos, Sigil-Bearer
-Jylzhan, Hell-Caller
-Zuulk, Blight-Shaper
-Haru'ulk, the Ambassador
-Dezliphir, the Hunter
-Faiklor, the Fighter
-Ghelros, Siege-Breaker
-Myli'ikros, the Savage
-Azkotch, Mind-Slayer
-Kaitra, the Assassin
-Salzan, the Echidna
-Pariphos, the Seeker
-Rau'ulsk, the Gladiator
-Trau'urg, the Faithless
-Umu'urag, the Icebreaker
-Karagh, Demolitionist