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Azkotch, Mind-Slayer
Biographical information

Other names:

Azkotch, the Converted
Azkotch, the Overmind
The Vex-Tamer




Blind Legion (Formerly)


Valus (Blind Legion)


Scourge (Special)


Male (Formerly)



Combat information


Bounty: Mind-Slayer


Slap Rifle
Amplified Slap Grenade
Aeon Maul


Summon Vex
Summon Radiolarian Proxies
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Rotating Shield
Data Shield
Data-shield Loss
Activate Transfer Gate
Rising Radiolarian Pools
Radiolarian Flood



Azkotch, Mind-Slayer is a Bannertorn lieutenant who has the ability to control the Vex at will. Once a subordinate of Primus Sha'aull, Azkotch was a highly revered and respected commander in the Blind Legion. During his time on the front of Mars, he picked up an obsession with the Vex. After the death of Sha'aull, he ordered Cabal detachments to excavate Vex relics around Meridian Bay. After a while, he began to augment himself with the Vex tech he received. After being discovered by higher authorities, such as Primus Ta'aun of the Skyburners, he was dishonorably discharged and exiled.

Throughout his years of wandering Mars, however, he continued to induce Vex technology and survive. Although the tech mutilated him in many ways and lost his memory of what he once was, he saw through the pain only strength. One day, after slaying a Gate Lord and inducing its Radiolaria, he was able to control a small fragment of the Vex around him. With the Vex, he was able to wreak utter havoc throughout Mars, devastating many Cabal defensive lines and slaying anyone caught in their crossfire.

His actions were eventually noticed by Thekmar, the Necromancer, and was offered a position among the Bannertorn. He accepted the offer for the only purpose of having allies in his campaign of destruction on Mars. He noticed the work of Pariphos, the Seeker, and even worked with him to build up his Vex army and enhance him even further. Soon, he had full control of an entire army of Vex after implementing a virus corrupting the mind Omikoros, Terminal Mind on Ganymede.

After the events of Forsaken, Azkotch and his expansive legion of Vex went to Nessus in an attempt to control the local Vex. After his discovery on Nessus, Failsafe issued a bounty on his head. He was eventually slain by Guardians just before he could assume direct control.