1000 Yard Stare

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1000 Yard Stare
1000 Yard Stare.jpg
Production overview

Rarity class:


Weapon type:

Sniper Rifle

Required level:


Min-max impact:

31 (High)

Min-max stability:

57 (Good)

Min-max magazine:



Fire mode:


Rate of fire:

19 (Slow)



Service history




"You can see everything. You can unsee nothing."
— Weapon Description [1]

1000 Yard Stare is a Sniper Rifle acquired in Destiny The Taken King via Vanguard packages. [2]



Column 1[edit]

  • Random: Void Damage or Solar Damage or Arc Damage
  • Infuse

Column 2[edit]

  • Random: EagleEye SLR20 or SightSys SLS20 or Hawkeye SLR15 or WildHawk SLS20
  • Random: LongView SLR20 or ShortGaze SLH10 or LongView SLR10 or ViewTac SLH20
  • Random: TacSys SLS15 or Ambush SLH25

Column 3[edit]

  • Random: Guerilla Fighter or Underdog or Eye of the Storm or Last Resort or Partial Refund or Life Support or Army of One or Grenadier or Triple Tap

Column 4[edit]

  • Random: Armor Piercing Rounds or Explosive Rounds or Skip Rounds or Quickdraw or Perfect Balance or Speed Reload
  • Random: Injection Mold or Hand-laid Stock or Rifled Barrel or Snapshot or Oiled Frame or Casket Mag or Reinforced Barrel or Smallbore
  • Random: Mutiny or Will of Light or Sword of Aegeus or Hannibal or Malleus Maleficarum or Disciplinarian or Demotion

Column 5[edit]

  • Random: Hot Swap or Hidden Hand or Firefly or Spray and Play or Outlaw or Mulligan or Unflinching

Destiny 2

  • Adaptive Frame: A well-rounded grip, reliable and sturdy.

The following are the randomized perks for the weapon.

Barrel Bowstring Blade Haft Magazine Arrow Guard Perk 1 Perk 2 Stock Grip Origin

Aarowhead Brake Appended Mag Quickdraw Demolitionist
Corkscrew Rifling Tactical Mag Triple Tap Dragonfly
Fluted Barrel Extended Mag Heating Up Golden Tricorn
Hammer-Forged Rifling Accurized Rounds Firmly Planted Snapshot Sights
Smallbore Steady Rounds No Distractions Moving Target
Chambered Compensator Flared Magwell Perpetual Motion Mulligan
Extended Barrel Alloy Magazine
Full Bore
Polygonal Rifling


The weapon maintains a low rate of fire and high-impact, making precision and speed essential. [2]


  • The weapon's name and description both seem to reference a specific type of PTSD, often associated with soldiers who participated in the Vietnam War.
  • 1000 Yard Stare technically only exists in Destiny 2 as its Destiny 1 counterpart includes a hyphen between "1000" and "Yard". Thus, originally named 1000-Yard Stare

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