1000 Yard Stare

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1000 Yard Stare
1000 Yard Stare.jpg
Production overview

Rarity class:


Weapon type:

Sniper Rifle

Required level:


Min-max impact:

31 (High)

Min-max stability:

57 (Good)

Min-max magazine:



Fire mode:


Rate of fire:

19 (Slow)



Service history




"You can see everything. You can unsee nothing."
— Weapon Description [1]

1000 Yard Stare is a Sniper Rifle acquired in Destiny The Taken King via Vanguard packages. [2]


Column 1[edit]

  • Random: Void Damage or Solar Damage or Arc Damage
  • Infuse

Column 2[edit]

  • Random: EagleEye SLR20 or SightSys SLS20 or Hawkeye SLR15 or WildHawk SLS20
  • Random: LongView SLR20 or ShortGaze SLH10 or LongView SLR10 or ViewTac SLH20
  • Random: TacSys SLS15 or Ambush SLH25

Column 3[edit]

  • Random: Guerilla Fighter or Underdog or Eye of the Storm or Last Resort or Partial Refund or Life Support or Army of One or Grenadier or Triple Tap

Column 4[edit]

  • Random: Armor Piercing Rounds or Explosive Rounds or Skip Rounds or Quickdraw or Perfect Balance or Speed Reload
  • Random: Injection Mold or Hand-laid Stock or Rifled Barrel or Snapshot or Oiled Frame or Casket Mag or Reinforced Barrel or Smallbore
  • Random: Mutiny or Will of Light or Sword of Aegeus or Hannibal or Malleus Maleficarum or Disciplinarian or Demotion

Column 5[edit]

  • Random: Hot Swap or Hidden Hand or Firefly or Spray and Play or Outlaw or Mulligan or Unflinching


The weapon maintains a low rate of fire and high-impact, making precision and speed essential. [2]


  • The weapon's name and description both seem to reference a specific type of PTSD, often associated with soldiers who participated in the Vietnam War.

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