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Anziluu, the Ravenous
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Biographical information

Other names:

Son of Savathûn
Helium Bane
Hive God of Truths and Fate
The Oracle, Ravenous
The Seer
Seeker of the Divine Truth
Scourge of Deimos
The Taken Prince
The Taken King (self proclaimed)
The Necromancer
Begetter of Prophecies
He Who Decides Fate
Old Thicket (Drifter)
Mimic (Eris)
Puppet Master
The Prophet




Savathûn's Brood
Cult of Anziluu







Combat information


Dagger of Embers


VoidS.png Null Repentance
SolarS.png Burn Projectiles
Darkness Displacement
Elemental Dread
Tethering Effect
High Durability
Rapid Flight
(VoidS.png or SolarS.png or ArcS.png) Elemental Immunity
(VoidS.png or SolarS.png or ArcS.png) Elemental Vengeance
Summon Hive
Summon Taken
Summon Shade
Summon Blights
Summon Rifts


"You are Anziluu, born of hatred and cunning.

I spawned you from the corpse of the Helium King.
You ate your other siblings I have spawned. I am proud.

Your hunger is unlike any other.
Boundless to the will that I command.
Thus I command you to end your hunger.
My lies to be circumvented by your truths.
And so you must end our hunger before you are consumed.
Savathûn to Anziluu.

Anziluu, the Ravenous is an Ascendant Hive Wizard and Prince of Savathûn. Born in his notoriety of a ravenous hunger, Anziluu would be known as a powerful prophet, using his counteracting abilities to his mother to spread truth through her endless lies with the Cryptonomicon while consuming the souls and lives of those around him.

His plans to undermine his own worm's hunger would persist throughout the years by corrupting the Vex Network from Io with the assistance of Quria, Blade Transform in order to locate their endless simulations to conquering Deimos in order to lay his own eyes on the system. His plans would ultimately culminate in the creation and management of the Weave of Fate for his own ends.


The Helium Bane[edit]

Anziluu was born as a nameless Thrall within the group that Savathûn had spawned from the corpse of the Helium King. The batch was budded the Helium Bane in defying the now dead Helium King and they would terrorize any of the survivors of the Helium Court. However, one of the nameless Thrall would devour his brothers and sisters due to a curse on his Worm planted by his mother to learn more about how far a worm's hunger could go and if it could be stopped before disaster could strike. She would also use the Thrall as her own device to circumvent her lies to be spoken to the rest of the broods.

Along with the curse of a ravenous Worm, Savathûn had placed a second curse on her son. This curse was that of great insight and the ability to transcend the boundaries of fate to the point of weaving it. He earned the moniker of the Oracle, Ravenous due to his nature of insight and the hunger of his worm.

The Thrall would grow to become a Wizard and would be granted the name Anziluu by his mother, meaning abomination in the Hive tongue. Sometime prior to the defeat of the Ammonites, Anziluu would suffer his first death, and his soul would be if not the first to transcend into the Ascendant Plane. He noted how it was a realm molded by desire and willpower, claiming said power would become useful later on. He set upon himself to create the Realm of Apocrypha, an ever-changing and shifting domain with each new piece of information that Anziluu collects and catalogues.

Anziluu was present as one of the conspirators who despised the Hive progenitors for showing weakness to their kin, only for Oryx to slay his sisters and later the Worm God Akka. He watched as he tricked the Ecumene, slaughtering them with the powers of the Deep and using said trickery to revive Savathûn. He would help with the creation of the new tithe system for Oryx, who had taken the idea for himself. Anziluu had Oryx construct this tithe system with a great weakness, without the source of tithes, the Taken King would become weak.

The Great Plan[edit]

After Crota had cut a seam through the Ascendant Realm, unleashing the Vex into Oryx’s Throneworld and by effect, our universe, Savathûn conspired with Anziluu stating to him a plan she had in store. She made a claim that the Vex are beings of probability and have the potential of infinite wisdom. This gave Anziluu the bright idea to claim a Vex Mind in order to contemplate a solution to his worm's ravenous hunger. He studied how the Vex operated with their machines and how they tried to simulate the power of the Ascendant Plane. His actions of Worm worship likely helped the Vex create Quria, Blade Transform, whether intentionally or not.

When the Hive made contact with the Harmony, Xivu Arath was forced to fight against their Wishful Bishops. However, Savathûn and Anziluu had a different idea on how to face them. The God of Truth infiltrated the Harmony species and began to preach the teachings of the Sword Logic and the Final Shape as a means to corrupt and weaken their minds against the Hive. During his infiltration, he would learn of Quria's trap that it had left to Oryx. Instead of informing the King, he allowed Oryx to fall directly into the trap as a means to get hold of Quria for himself.

Eventually, Oryx would Take and gift the Blade Transform to Savathûn. As she used Quria to funnel power into a black hole, Anziluu also used the Dreaming Mind to contemplate an answer, however, the answer was beyond what the Mind could even predict, only telling him that whatever he sought could be found when the time was right. However, he wouldn't leave the Dreaming Mind without learning from it. He saw that the Mind emulated the powers of Oryx by creating a perfect simulation of the Taken King. He devised that the Mind itself could not Take nor did it have power in itself, but it could create said power. Eventually, through much effort, he learned to commune with the Deep from the Dreaming Mind and use the power for his own schemes.

Using the power he learned from Quria, he would finally make a communion with the voice behind the Deep, the Witness. He proclaimed it was a gestalt being with many faces and speaks with familiar voices, but spoke to him in its one true self. He proclaimed he would be its servant, explaining his prophetic future of the Hive, something that he believed the Witness could use and manipulate to its own whims. He decreed that he would follow the wishes of the Witness, but explained that in order to further their plans, their allegiances would have to waver between the Witch and the Disciples.

Around this time he would also create his twin daughters, Xaniith and Kamuul. He would command his Daughters to assist Quria in examining the Ecumene's Black Hole and to further the plans of Savathûn and her own research. The Mind and his daughters would construct the Abhorrent Singularity, a dimension that resides within a Black Hole that exists outside of the material and Ascendant Plane. Anziluu would use the singularity as a place to conduct his experiments where he dared not to unleash chaos into Apocrypha.

Deimos' Veil[edit]

Whether during the Golden Age, Collapse or Dark Age, Anziluu's forces would invade the Martian moon, Deimos, overtaking it and converting it into a breeding ground and pseudo-War moon. Anziluu would also have his Hive construct a Rupture deep below Deimos that connects to his realm of Apocrypha. He would also learn of an ancient Pyramid that was left abandoned deep below the chasms of Deimos at an unknown point in time.

During the Dark Age, Cabal forces of an unknown detachment would invade Deimos and attempt to seize it from the Hive. This assault against the Cult led to a near-total loss of their forces when Anziluu himself appeared on the battlefield and slaughtered the Cabal to satiate his hunger. The Cabal would be forced into a retreat, leaving their bases barren and open to the Hive, which would in turn lead to the expungement of the detachment from all Cabal records. Anziluu would have his Hive invade the barren Cabal bases on Deimos and plunder them of Cabal secrets.

During this time, Anziluu would craft ancient tomes of knowledge called the Chronicles of Fate which detailed events throughout space and even time. These tomes however would drive any unsuspecting readers into an inevitable servitude to Anziluu. These subjugated would be known as the Scribes of Anzû, being named after one of Anziluu's aliases.

Echoes of Io[edit]





  • The name Anziluu derives from the Sumerian word "anzillu", meaning abomination, which is also the Hive translation of his name. "Anzû" is also the name of a monster in Mesopotamian culture that takes the form of a massive bird that can breathe Fire and Water.

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