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"Anziluu the Seeker of the Divine Truth set upon the creation of an ancient tome of knowledge of the Hive's power. He would write the secret truths of the Witch Queen's lies into every page. Each word was a life he would take, and once it would be cast, it would become law."
— The Liturgy of the Cryptonomicon

The Cryptonomicon is a powerful Hive artifact and tome of the ancient and mystic arts behind and beyond the Sword Logic created by Anziluu, the Ravenous. The tome itself was meant as a catalogue for Anziluu to circumvent his mother's lies, however it would evolve to a tome that would contain knowledge of the Hive's mystic arts. For a time, Anziluu believed that the tome had grown a mind of its own due to its untold knowledge, only to understand that by writing down the many scripts into the pages, his very essence had become a part of the Cryptonomicon and vice versa.

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