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Storage (for now)

Vendor Ships

These ships are available for purchase from specific vendors in the Tower and the Vestian Outpost.

Amanda Holliday

  • AFv1 Octavian
  • AFv2 Octavian
  • AFv3 Octavian
  • AX19 Slipper Misfit
  • AX19 Spindle Demon
  • CX20 Slipper Misfit
  • CX20 Spindle Demon
  • EX21 Slipper Misfit
  • EX21 Spindle Demon
  • Kestrel Class AX
  • Kestrel Class AX0
  • Kestrel Class CX
  • Kestrel Class CX0
  • Kestrel Class EX
  • Kestrel Class EX0
  • LRv1 Javelin
  • LRv2 Javelin
  • LRv3 Javelin
  • NS22 Cloud Errant
  • NS22 High Water
  • NS44 Cloud Errant
  • NS44 High Water
  • NS66 Cloud Errant
  • NS66 High Water
  • Phaeton Class v1
  • Phaeton Class v1.1
  • Phaeton Class v2
  • Phaeton Class v2.1
  • Phaeton Class v3
  • Phaeton Class v3.1
  • Regulus Class 22a
  • Regulus Class 44b
  • Regulus Class 55
  • Regulus Class 66c
  • Regulus Class 77
  • Regulus Class 99

Petra Venj

Variks, the Loyal

These ships are obtained either by purchase with a Token of Flight or in House Judgment rank-up rewards packages.

  • Coldsnap BKR
  • Devils' Due BKR
  • Kingslayer BKR
  • Wolf Hunter BKR
  • Longest Vigil
  • Last Battle
  • Lost Legacy

Schematic Ships

These ships are obtained by redeeming their schematics with Amanda Holliday. The schematics are a potential reward from loot chests.

Vanguard Ships

These ships are potential rewards for ranking up with the Vanguard.

  • Aries Ascendant
  • Atalanta's Hunt
  • Ether Eater
  • Extinction Event
  • Fatal Vision
  • Gloriole Jump
  • Ketch Me If You Can
  • Little Light
  • Ripship Pardoner
  • Scorpio Miracle
  • Ticktock Inquisitor
  • Tropos Gardener
  • Vintage Russian Soul

Crucible Ships

These ships are potential rewards for completing Crucible matches or ranking up.

  • 80 Proofreader
  • Act on Instinct
  • Belisarius Defiant
  • Dream Eater
  • Newsbreaker
  • Plasma Donor
  • Seraphim Toaster
  • Shark Whisperer
  • Smokehouse Six
  • Steel Atreus
  • The Dirigible Incorrigible
  • Tiger Tiger
  • Sidereal Rumba
  • Mind Bleacher
  • High and Flighty

Faction Ships

These ships are a potential reward from faction rank-up packages.

Raid and Arena Ships

These ships are a potential reward for completing Raids and Arena challenges.

Event Ships

These ships are a potential reward for participating in limited-time events.

Mystery Bag Ships

Miscellaneous Ships

These ships are obtained only through unique means.

  • Arcadia Class Jumpship - Obtained upon starting a new character.
  • Once and Future - Reach rank 20 in the Rise of Iron Record Book.
  • Timeless Tereshkova - Obtained via a PlayStation-exclusive quest.
  • Valkyrie O5-X - Available to owners of the Destiny Limited Edition.

Unavailable Ships

These ships are present in the game's files, but are currently not obtainable through normal gameplay.[1]

  • Always Shoot the Messenger
  • Eternity to Eternity
  • Flexible Moral Compass
  • Gliding Hermitage
  • Made of Shakespeare
  • Manus Celer Dei
  • Never Liked Thermodynamics
  • No End Theory
  • Obsidian Sonnet
  • Omit the Legend
  • Permission to Stomp
  • Silent Verdict
  • The Worldbreaker
  • Void Philosopher
  • Zephyr Rig

Current projects

Below is a list of projects I've assigned myself, to keep me active instead of aimless. The stage of each one is shown (complete, in-progress, planned, ongoing) as well as the priority of each project (low, medium, high).

Name Stage Priority
Create Quest articles Ongoing High
Fix Timeline citations; cleanup; add content Ongoing High
Update The Guardian article Ongoing High
Update Location articles Ongoing Medium
Fix citations for every Fallen article Ongoing Medium
Fix citations for every Cabal article Planned Medium
Fix citations for every Hive article Ongoing Medium
Fix citations for every Vex article Ongoing Medium
Fix citations for all Taken articles Ongoing Medium
Update NPC quotes Ongoing Low
Create Location template Planned Low
Create Medals article Low Half-done; need Strike medals