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Splinter Legion


Escape the Cabal Empire
Sabotage Imperial goals


Bracus Bael
Val Da'ahs
Val Ki'idon
Yu'urn, Imbued by the Deep


Firebase Delphi


Meridian Bay, Mars
Eos Chasma, Mars
Ishtar Sink, Venus


"This Sol Detachment of scout legions is doomed to fall to the Guardians, we are not. We must forge own path against those fools!"
Bracus Bael

The Splinter Legion is a legion of Sol Detachment deserters formed by Bracus Bael, formerly of the Dust Giants, who abandoned the Cabal after many of the commanders in the Sol System were killed. They can be distinguished by their light grey armor, visibly and crudely painted over various other colors underneath. The Splinter Legion serves as the main antagonists of The Splinter Legion expansion.


The Splinter Legion is filled with those disillusioned with the greater Empire, usually of lower ranks. Therefore, most members encountered are Legionaries, Phalanxes and Psions, though Centurions and Colossi are present. They also make heavy use of Interceptors and Goliath Tanks, even augmenting them with Vex technology in one case.

During combat, Splinter Legion strategies consist heavily of ambushes and overwhelming with numbers. This was proven effective during their assault of the Imperial Land Tank Cerberus Vae III, which would have been a complete success if Guardians hadn't gotten involved.

Leadership of the Splinter Legion consists of Bracus Bael and his selected lieutenants, becoming a wild free for all after his death.




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  • The color of the armor under the grey paint is randomly generated, chosen from the color schemes of the Blind Legion, the Dust Giants, the Sand Eaters and the Siege Dancers.
    • This is only the case for general enemies. Named enemies instead have a preset color to appear under the paint.
  • While the Splinter Legion uses a lot of Goliath Tanks, it is unlikely they were created by the legion themselves. Rather, the colors on them imply that they're stolen from other legions of the Sol Detachment.

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