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Val Da'ahs
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Sand Eaters (formerly)
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Delphi's Flame


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Summon Cabal
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Val Da'ahs is an Ultra Cabal Colossus encountered in the mission Delphi's Flame on Firebase Delphi. He was left to maintain and protect the base while his superior and the founder of the Splinter Legion, Bracus Bael, was carrying out his plans.


Val Da'ahs was originally a member of the Sand Eaters but, upon seeing many of his superiors fall to Guardian forces, he defected to the Splinter Legion in a bid for survival shortly after it was formed. Da'ahs quickly became one of Bracus Bael's most trusted members of the legion, being made one of his two direct lieutenants (the other being Val Ki'idon). In need of a base of operations for the group, Da'ahs suggested the abandoned Sand Eaters firebase, Firebase Delphi. The dissenters quickly took the base and began to commence operations there, mass producing weaponry and psionically augmenting Cabal Heavy Munitions. After Commander Fo'osk's failed assault on the Imperial Land Tank Cerberus Vae III, the Val realised that the Guardian had almost perfect knowledge of their new fortifications so he hatched a plan to defeat them upon their arrival. The deserters would hide in the base's tunnels to make it appear abandoned, seal all exits when the Guardian entered, and ambush them. While the plan was initially a success and caught the Guardian off guard, the Guardian defeated Da'ahs and his ambush, and disabled their augmented planet-crackers.

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