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Bracus Bael
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Bracus Bael is an Ultra Cabal Centurion and the founder of the Splinter Legion, who is found in the Splinter's Furnace during the mission Furnace Fumes. He serves as the main antagonist for The Splinter Legion.


Despite being a loyal subordinate to Valus Ta'aurc since the Sol Detachment's deployment, Bracus Bael had always slightly disillusioned to the Cabal way of life. When the Guardian killed the leader of the Dust Giants, Bael had finally had enough and began to plot against the empire. He began to secretly rally troops from the Dust Giants, Sand Eaters, Siege Dancers and Blind Legion to his cause; abandoning and actively sabotaging the empire's orders, creating something the rest of the legions did not have. After the Wolf Rebellion, Bael discovered that Cabal Heavy Munitions could be psionically enhanced to exponentially increase the damage they could deal. With this, Bael officially formed the Splinter Legion as troops abandoned their stations across the Exclusion Zone.

Quickly, Bael was able to bring Val Da'ahs and Val Ki'idon to his side as lieutenants. Da'ahs suggested to Bael to make their base of operations in the abandoned Firebase Delphi once ran by the Sand Eaters. After they overwhelmed Lord Shaxx's Redjacks maintaining the arena, Bael ordered the mass production of weapons, Interceptors, and the development of psionically augmented planet-crackers. Bael's plan was to test his new weapon by detonating one beneath The Buried City, presumably annihilating anything for miles. Before his show of force, the Bracus wanted to claim the Imperial Land Tank Cerberus Vae III for his legion, but this was prevented by the Guardian

The Guardian then attacked Firebase Delphi, killing Da'ahs and disabling the stockpile of planet-crackers they had made. In a futile attempt at revenge, Bael continued with his plan to detonate his last planet-cracker to damage both Sol Detachment and Guardian operations. The Guardian assaulted the makeshift base the legion had set up, Splinter's Furnace in Freehold Station, killing the Bracus and destroying the last planet-cracker before it could detonate.


Upon entering the Splinter's Furnace, two Operants for Bael can be found at the central with a planet-cracker its base. When both are killed, Bael enters the room from a door on the opposite wall along with a large number of troops. Initially, he is has an immune shield that can be removed with damage from a Heavy Slug Thrower picked up from constantly spawning Heavy Armed Legionaries. Once removed, the shield begins to recharge for 30 seconds, during which time Bael can be damaged. When the shield recharges, it must be removed again with a Heavy Slug Thrower. After Bracus Bael is killed, the planet-cracker must be disabled and destroyed.

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