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Commander Fo'osk
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Blind Legion (formerly)
Splinter Legion





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The Splinter Legion


Slug Rifle


Solar Shield
Limited Flight
Strafe Thrusters
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Cabal Melee


Commander Fo'osk is a Major Cabal Centurion encountered in Cerberus Vae III during the mission The Splinter Legion, found locked in combat with Commander Saro'on.


Commander Fo'osk is a former Commander of the Blind Legion, who defected to the Splinter Legion after The Guardian killed his superior, Val Sa'ahn. The creator of the legion of dissidents, Bracus Bael, tasked Fo'osk with leading a strike force on the Imperial Land Tank Cerberus Vae III in an attempt to take it for themselves. Fo'osk deployed a large force across the Valley of the Kings to draw out a number of troops from the tank, while he pushed an elite force through Cerberus Undercarriage into one of the mobile fortress's side-decks. Upon reaching the entry point, the Commander's forces were met by a small army of troops lead by Commander Saro'on of the Dust Giants. Eventually, they were able to push the counter forces back into the land tank.

Following a tip on the location of a high ranking member of the uprising Cabal from Paladin Abra Zire and the Crows, Prince Uldren Sov of the Reef reluctantly contacted Guardian forces at the behest of Queen Mara Sov, telling them that a solution to their problem with the Splinter Legion lay with Fo'osk. The Guardian was then sanctioned to prevent the assault on the tank and eliminate the Commander, assisted by Uldren himself. After eliminating the hordes of infighting Cabal on the approach to the tank, the Guardian entered the Undercarriage and fought to the side-deck. Eventually breaching the tank, the Guardian came across the duelling Commanders, killed them both, and recovered Fo'osk's information on how to breach the Splinter Legion's base of operations; Firebase Delphi.

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