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Roaming Splinter
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Sand Eaters (formerly)
Splinter Legion





Combat information


Patrol the Meridian Bay


Slug Rifle


High Durability
Psionic Blast
Solar Shielding
Limited Flight
Rapid Movement
Psychic Melee


The Roaming Splinter is a Major Psion of the Splinter Legion that can be found in the Splinter's Furnace on Mars. After the death of Bracus Bael, the Roaming Splinter began an attempt to unite some of the now scattered Splinter Legion members in the makeshift base. As part of Guardian attempts to tame and weaponize the Cabal Heavy Munitions that Bael developed, the Psion Viixit tipped Guardians that they would find some luck by drawing out the Roaming Splinter during the Splintered quest. The Guardian followed Viixit's advice and cleared out the base for a second time, recovering their information on altering planet-crackers.


  • The Roaming Splinter can be found and killed at any point after the mission Furnace Fumes is completed, though the step of the Splintered quest requiring the player to defeat the Psion will not pick this up retroactively.
    • Upon completing this step of the quest, players gain access to the final step to unlock the Planet Cracker exotic rocket launcher; the mission Into the Hearth
  • The original legion of the Roaming Splinter is never explicitly stated in-game, though it can be seen by the Sand Eaters colors beneath the grey paint covering their armor.

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