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Shadow Legion
Shadow Legion
Picture of Cabal Deserters.


Elite Special Forces
World Destroyers
Lead and expand the Cabal Empire
Bring Salvation to the Cabal
Servants of The Black Swordsman and The White Angel


Gha'arn, Crownforger of Kirito
Aethrox, Shadow's Hunger
Nazac, Chosen of Aethrox
Nu'uorc, Daughter of Gha'arn
Shua'aud, Shadow Commander


The Abaddon



Shadow Enclave
Shadow Enclave
Grimoire Psion Flayers.jpg


Elite Psionic Operations
Adept Fusion users
Serve Aethrox


Aethrox, Shadow's Hunger
Morvetc, the Archivist
The Eclipsed Coven
Bracus Korvam, the Famished Champion
Val Thul'tuam, Order Keeper
Noro'un, the Forsaken Blade


The Abaddon




The Shadow Legion are a new massive Cabal army of the Shadowkeepers who serve The Black Swordsman and The White Angel.

Shortly before the Black Fleet's destruction of The Last City and enshroudment of the Solar System, they would be recruited by the Shadowkeepers to rebuild the Cabal Empire with the Darkness and recruit Cabal commanders from other Legions, including the Red Legion, Cabal Deserters, and Loyalists, under the banner of Gha'arn, Crownforger of Kirito. A group of emissaries known as the Shadow Enclave sought to strengthen the Swordsman's cause through an ancient tradition with the hope of joining Aethrox's Council of Shadows.

Prior to the Second Collapse, Gha'arn led the newly formed Legion across the Solar System and acquired the powers of the Darkness, even going on to capture The Leviathan and, subsequently, scattering the Imperial Cabal fleet.



Call to the Shadows[edit]

Fall of the Leviathan[edit]

"My allies aboard that decrepit derelict, hear me and rejoice! Your old master, the pompous and flamboyant fool that was Calus, thought he could comprehend the Darkness, bend it to his will, become one with it, and reign over the universe like a child ambitiously pursuing an impossible future. And in that pursuit, he vanished- nay, he was vanquished by the Darkness. He could never control its will and so he was consumed, lost forever in the dark world of un-being. But, I say, good riddance! Now, BEHOLD! Your true savior! Kirito! He gazed the abyss and the abyss didn't simply glance him like the pathetic chaff of the wheat, nay, it chose him! He now leads us to a new golden age, one where we will all prosper, not in the shadow of war, but in the shadow in its purest form. So, if you do wish to witness this magnificent tomorrow, reject your hedonistic ways and your incessant vanity and join us. As for those who refuse, fear not, salvation shall come to you too, but not in apotheosis, but in the bittersweet embrace of death. Either way, the Leviathan shall belong to us, to its right and true owners."
— Gha'arn rallying his followers to capture the Leviathan.

Before the Second Collapse, Gha'arn would begin a full scale assault on The Leviathan in the hopes of capturing it for the Legion in the hopes of adding a flagship to their fleet. With the help of loyal saboteurs and spies aboard the ship, the primary force, led by Gha'arn, would rapidly seize a foothold aboard the ship, first establishing a base of operations within the Castellum. From there, they managed to slowly advance throughout the vessel, facing off against the Loyalists rather advanced and psionically empowered defenses, as well as Emperor Calus's mechanical proxies. Stretched thin, however, the clashing forces would enter a stalemate, gaining no ground and taking equal casualties each skirmish. That was until the reserve force, led by the combined forces of Shua'aud and Nu'uorc, arrived and quickly sabotaged the ship's planet-eating engine and captured the ship's core and advanced to the Celestial Observatory, with the combined might of the forces, the army easily penetrated the reinforced defenses of the remnant Loyalists and finally took the astral spire and marched onto the Power Conduit beneath. Here, the two massive forces clashed as Threshers and Harvesters engaged in dogfights, Goliath Tanks exchanged barrages of Planet Cracking rounds and their armies collided and, despite the fierce opposition the Loyalists demonstrated, they would be driven back to their last and most impregnable stronghold, the Menagerie, losing a massive chunk of their forces, many of their armor columns and their entire air regiment of Gunships. Despite the disheveled state of the true Loyalists, the remnant faction, now led by de-facto commander, Roudak, would manage to drive off their invaders with minimal casualties thanks to the commanders brilliant and careful use of the Menagerie's inhabitants. That would be until the arrival of the Shadow Enclave, where its leader, Aethrox, would unleash his beloved champion, Korvam, against the impregnable stronghold. Within hours, thanks to Korvam's immense psionic arsenal and cohorts, the last hope of Calus's true loyalists would fall and, despite an admirable last stand made by Roudak and the last proxy of his Emperor, their last leader would be captured and, humiliatingly, imprisoned within the corridors he once called his stronghold.

Now with the planet eating ship within his grasp, Gha'arn would repurpose, modify and reshape the ship to the Shadow Legion's image. The throne room became his personal chambers and mock court, the Gauntlet, Hunting grounds and Menagerie became research facilities for weapons and tactics, the lattermost chamber also becoming a base for the Legion's Psion Enclave, the Celestial Observatory a bridge, the Power Conduit a makeshift city, named Katharsis, and weapons factory and the maw a shipyard for his expansive fleet. Its hull would be reinforced with more enhanced and durable armor, shield projectors and retrofitted with more advanced and factory condition weaponry fresh from the Shadow's prestigious engineers and repainted in the image of of the Shadow Legion. The Leviathan was renamed The Abaddon and, as according to plan, became a flagship and dreadnaught for the Shadowkeeper army. With the newly named Abaddon in hand, the ship and its battle fleet quickly encroached upon Caiatl and her fleet of scattered Imperial Cabal in preparation for the Second Collapse.

The Second Collapse[edit]

Age of Darkness[edit]

Retaking of Sol[edit]



Shadow Legion troops can be primarily identified by their signature gunmetal, red, black, and purple armor with hints of red linings in their armor with green spiked shoulder pads, with some troops having gold, silver, or orange highlights depending upon their rank. They are also more heavily armored than other Cabal Legions, wearing metal plates over a bodysuit of War Beast scales.

The command structure and tactics of the Shadow Legion are more aggressive and agile than any Cabal Legion observed before, with deadlier weapons, advanced technology, and battle techniques. The Shadow Legion also has a handful of new units that operate in the field. Majors will typically wear silver armor, whereas Ultras wear gold armor.



Shadow Commanders[edit]

Shadow Advisors[edit]

Gha'arn's Emissaries[edit]

Shadow Generals[edit]





Council Members[edit]

Unique Forces[edit]




  • The Shadow Legion is the second Cabal force to travel to Earth and succeed in attacking the Last City. They use more advanced technology in stark contrast to the Cabal scouts who were originally deployed to the Solar System in Destiny, evidence of the Cabal Empire's advancements after the original scouting party had been deployed.
    • It is also the first Cabal force to worship the Darkness.

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