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Menkis Prime
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So I noticed that the Devil Splicers have a Ketch named Splicership Menkis-Syn, and since the Fallen name their Ketches after their Prime Servitors, it got me wondering, "Do the Splicers have a second Prime?" Maybe not, but just in case, here's an idea of what it could be like.


With the failure of Sepiks Perfected after its complete destruction at the hands of the new Iron Lords, the Devil Splicers believed it was time for a new Prime Servitor that would be what the Splicers originally intended for Sepiks; a means to control the flow of Ether. In desperation, the Devil Splicers scientists and Archon Priests gathered the remainder of SIVA and new experimental Servitor parts to create a far more powerful Prime Servitor. Their efforts proved fruitful and the end result was Menkis Prime.

In addition to being far more powerful than Sepiks Perfected ever was, the Devil Splicers modified Meniks Prime to ensure the weaknesses displayed in Sepiks would not be repeated. Such modifications include an advanced shielding system, a system that allows the Prime Servitor to connect with an advanced Splicer Walker and even able to produce its own SIVA nanites along with Ether. Meniks' ability to create its own SIVA proved the depth of the Fallen's knowledge of the ancient technology and their ability to create their own machine-gods.

However, the Devil Splicers new Prime Servitor proved to be also a prime target for the Guardians to attack, since it replaces the need for Site 6 and therefore could continue the SIVA Crisis endlessly. Seeking to defend their creation as much as possible, the Splicers brought the Prime Servitor to a hidden section of the Perfection Complex where some their most dangerous and zealous soldiers guard it.


SIVA Gatling Rockets[edit]

Menkis Prime will have a dramatically faster rate of fire with its eye rockets than other Servitors, approaching the rate of a Gatling gun. They will leave SIVA Swarm clouds upon detonation and will be fired in bursts consisting of 20 rounds each.

Critical SIVA Density[edit]

During the first phase of the fight, Menkis will interrupt your damage phase with a critical density of SIVA. It takes ten seconds to charge, and if any Guardian hasn't run to the spark of Light in the center of the arena, they will die. This occurs once every 30 seconds. When this happens, text will appear that says, "Menkis spreads its corruption."

Elemental Shields[edit]

When its health reaches 50%, Menkis will buff itself with all types of elemental shields stacked on top of each other in the following order: Arc, Solar, and Void. The player will be notified of this by text that reads, "Menkis activates its shields." These shields are only immune to weapons as well as abilities and thus can only be taken down using Fallen elemental cannons that Splicer Captains will drop when killed, but depending on the shield, Menkis' eye rockets and the SIVA Swarms left by them have their element changed to that of the shield, and the SIVA Swarms have varying effect: Arc SIVA Swarms blind players for 5 seconds, Solar SIVA Swarms inflict a triple-stacked burning debuff, and Void SIVA Swarms temporarily suppress Guardian abilities. Menkis will be vulnerable again after these shields are broken down.

Walker Phase[edit]

When its health reaches 25%, Menkis will teleport out of the arena entirely and will call in a Splicer Walker to connect with, which will follow the message saying, "Menkis retreats to gather reinforcements." This phase is mostly straightforward as players have to destroy the walker to continue damaging Menkis. However, the Walker possess two Solar Cannons and an extra pair of repeater cannons which will target the most active Guardian. These weapons were meant to prevent the Guardians from gaining a clear balanced shot at the joints. In addition, some Fallen Vandal will appear to provide support for Menkis. Going after the leg joints is key to dealing the most damage. Removing all six legs forces Meniks to detach and begin the final phase.

Hacked Phase[edit]

After the Walker goes down, Menkis will reappear and all Guardians will get the message that tells them, "Menkis hacks into all Guardians' Light", at which point it will inflict the "Hacked" debuff. This means that your radar will be disabled, it will double the respawn timer, reloading and firing for all weapons will be disabled, and all abilities will be suppressed but fortunately your shields will remain. This debuff will last for the rest of the fight. However, your Ghost will use your ship to generate SIVA Charges that the player can use to throw at Menkis. Your ship will be able to drop ten SIVA charges at a time. This will occur once every 15 seconds. Once enough charges are thrown, Menkis can be killed but it will attack you with SIVA Swarms to prevent you from reaching the Charges.