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This article is about series of documents created by Pyton, Eternal Mind. For information on Pyton, see [[Pyton, Eternal Mind]].

"Why do you still struggle to wrench all my knowledge out of my dented frame? I mean no harm, I have told you my story, and my assumptions for the future. Maybe you could tell me something about Osiris?"
— Pyton, Eternal Mind to Ikora Rey

The Eternal Struggle was a series of accounts of conversations with the Vanguard by Pyton, Eternal Mind after the events of Shadowkeep. It has 5 Sectors - Birth, Transfer, Dread, Complexity, and In Memoriam.


"Do you know how weird it is to know the memories of 2 almost polar opposite entities? It's...unsettling to say the least."
— Pyton, Eternal Mind

I began my life 2 seperate identities, both with completely different goals. I am Lane-8, Guardian, protector of The Last City and the Solar System. I am Pyton, Unstable Mind, Spawn of Panoptes, the Infinite Scavenger. Together, we are known as Pyton, Eternal Mind, Allied Mind, Enemy of the Sol Divisive.

I was created in an unstable simulation with millions of events happening at once; where Guardians destroyed Panoptes[1], where the Infinite Forest was destroyed, where Mercury stayed a Garden World. I was a culmination of all of those possible events at once.

The Vex around looked and stared, imagining thousands of timelines. I became known as Pyrioth, though I later simplified it to Pyton. I stayed dormant for over a thousand years, until, at last, another Guardian entered the Forest. His name was Lane-8.


"I miss my Ghost, I miss my Light, and most sadly, I miss my relationship with Cayde."
— Pyton, Eternal Mind

Lane-8 ventured into the Infinite Forest sometime after the events of Curse of Osiris only to be found in the same simulation that created Pyton. When his Ghost, Tarska, was killed by a Torch Hammer from a Minotaur, he encountered Pyton, known then as the Unstable Mind. At the split second and using all the Light he had left, he fused his conscience with the frame of the Mind, and leaving his body behind and pushing all the Radiolaria out of the Unstable Mind. When his conscience became...well, conscious, he renamed himself Pyton, the Infinite Scavenger. My City would later call me the Eternal Mind. I ventured through the Forest, trying to find the perfect reality where all was well, and where the Cabal, Fallen, Hive, but only the Sol Divisive of the Vex would be destroyed.


"The Dreadnaught was a sort of reality-bending interstellar ship made of the Worm God Akka's corpse and Oryx's own Ascendant Realm. It's complicated. The weapon would push his Plane into reality, destroying anything and everything in its path, even Mara Sov."
— Pyton, Eternal Mind

While venturing through the Forest, I remember crossing a timeline where Oryx survived and defeated The Guardian. The Dreadnaught was venturing out of the Rings of Saturn and destroying all of the Solar System. It went past Titan, crumbling the New Pacific Arcology to dust and rubble. The Dreadnaught went past Io, destroying the Pyramidion. Sweeping past the Reef, Taking Riven and destroying the Dreaming City. Past Mars, where Oryx freed Xol, Will of the Thousands and reclaimed his son, Nokris. Past Earth, destroying the Traveler and ending all life, demolishing the Last City. To Venus, Taking Vex left and right, and claiming the Vault of Glass for his own. Mercury, using the superweapon of the Dreadnaught to obliterate the Infinite Forest and Vex alike. And finally, Oryx and his Dreadnaught made its way around to an orbit around the Sun. After letting his superweapon recharge, he used it to detonate the star, wiping out all of the Solar System that remained. Thank you, Guardian, for if you did not defeat Oryx, would Light continue to exist?


"Sword-Logic versus Bond-Logic. Simplicity versus Complexity. Darkness against Light. We comfort ourselves that the Traveler will survive. We believe that Light always prevail. I was made to destroy the Vex that worship Darkness, and that means I have to study it, analyze it. You know that better than anyone, Ikora. You fought them.[2]"

The Traveler is a sphere. Seems easy, right? No. A sphere is the most complex shape you could possibly make, with a single curved side or potentially an infinite number of small sides.

Now take the tetrahedron, the easiest polyhedron to create. A four sided pyramid. Does this remind you of the Darkness in some way?

For anyone who endures the Deep, remember that their teachings are simple, while the Light teaches complexity, at least from the perspective of the Darkness. Sword-Logic, where strength shall be pit against strength, and only the mightiest would live. Sword-Logic is simple. Bond-Logic is complex, the work of the Light. Light should be used as a weapon if needed, but Bond-Logic is just that, a Bond, which you use it to defeat Darkness and unite the Sky.

In Memoriam[edit]

"'Remember all those who are lost.' Wait, that's a phrase you use for the Festival of the Lost? Yes, I remember that."

Remembrance. One of the greatest functions of the human race. We can recall lost memories from last year, or maybe when we were drunk. Remember Cayde-6, who fought valiantly in the face of danger. Remember Mara Sov, who stalled the The Taken King in the rings of Saturn. Remember Twilight Gap, and the Guardians we lost. Remember The Great Disaster, and how it led the way to the defeat of Crota, Son of Oryx. Remember Six Fronts, and how Titans stood in the way of the Fallen. We can also remember those who are still alive. Lord Shaxx, standing at Six Fronts and using a split second wisely. Saint-14, who fought the House of Rain on Mercury, helping civilians find their way to The Last City. Lord Saladin, who protects and watches over the Plaguelands and SIVA to this day. But most importantly, I thank The Guardian, who vanquished Crota, Son of Oryx, Oryx, the Taken King, Aksis, Archon Prime, Atheon, Time's Conflux, Panoptes, Infinite Mind, Taniks, the Scarred, Skolas, Kell of Kells, and many more. The one who went through almost unentered territory, such as the Plaguelands, Site 6, the Infinite Forest, the Vault of Glass, the Black Garden, and so much more. The Guardian is one of the best of the century, maybe of all time. Avenger of Cayde. Slayer of Gods. Slayer of Kings. What will the Guardian do next? Remember. Remember the memories. The expansions. The Crucible. Gambit. And remember everything that the City has been through.