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Battlegrounds are matchmade, three player Arena activities released with Season of the Chosen. In these activities, players must break through some of the toughest Cabal opposition and hunt down fierce and skilled champions wishing to join Empress Caiatl's War Council.


Since the arrival of Empress Caiatl's fleet in the Sol System, Cabal of all banners, remnant Scout Legions, a fragmented Red Legion and deserters alike would flock to Caiatl's Legion through the Rite of Proving, where many ambitious commanders would arrive to claim a seat within the Empress's War Council. Due to the apparent threat of a desperate and abundant Cabal legion, as well as the failure of negotiations, the Vanguard would deploy Guardian Fireteams throughout the System to prevent the Imperial Cabal from gaining new, vicious leaders.


There are six different battlegrounds across the system: Behemoth, Hailstone, Foothold, Oracle, Homefront and Redemption. Each of these battlegrounds have different difficulties, feature different objectives and commanders than that of others.

Normal Difficulty[edit]

Battleground Location Council Aspirant
Behemoth Arcadian Valley, Nessus Commander Dracus
Foothold Cosmodrome, Earth Val Ma'rag
Hailstone Castalia Macula, Europa Basilius the Golem
Oracle Arcadian Valley, Nessus Ixel, the Far-Reaching
Homefront European Dead Zone, Earth Bracus Tessarium
Redemption Tangled Shore, Reef Might of Acrius

Legend Difficulty[edit]

Battleground Location Council Aspirant
behemoth Arcadian Valley, Nessus Bruvos, Fortification Engineer
foothold Cosmodrome, Earth Field Tactician Borusk
hailstone Castalia Macula, Europa Reltroc, the Frozen-Thought
oracle Arcadian Valley, Nessus Jahvur, the Defiant Spindle
homefront European Dead Zone, Earth Valus Dharvum
redemption Tangled Shore, Reef Halvu'um, the Boundless Thirst

Master Difficulty[edit]

Battleground Location Council Aspirant
behemoth Arcadian Valley, Nessus Field Commander Taraul
foothold Cosmodrome, Earth Nemesis Gunship
hailstone Castalia Macula, Europa Kasovum-1, the Overwhelming Hammer
oracle Arcadian Valley, Nessus Tavaluc, Traitor of Opulence
homefront European Dead Zone, Earth Zhaarn, the Unscarred Shield
redemption Tangled Shore, Reef Velaitl, Blind Veteran

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