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Valus Dharvum
Biographical information




Red Legion (formerly)
Imperial Cabal


Bond Sister (formerly)





Combat information


Battlegrounds: Homefront


Cabal Magma Launcher
Cabal Magma Missiles


Summon Cabal
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Limited Flight
Incinerating Torrent
Seething Flames
Burning Effect
Summon Portable Cabal Shield
Immunity Shield
Summon Shieldbearer Cabal
Magma Malfunction


"All she knew what to do is lose.

Not battles, she had many many victories, big and small against the cowardly bastards that are the Fallen and the universally annoying presence of the Taken, nothing fire didn't solve there. But she knew how to lose anyone she held dear. Anyone she respected thoroughly. Files of her own troops. Her lieutenants. Her commanders. Thumos, Grask, Cal'aug, Yann, Ca'uor, Ghaul... her Bond Brothers, Palvask and Kro'voun. (...) But it isn't riches or status Dharvum wishes for. She wishes for revenge. She wishes for rest for her fallen brethren. And with the help of Caiatl and her people, all those murderers, all of them, will burn. And like all other times she trotted and sung through fire and brimstone, she will relish it. Oh, she will relish it.
— Excerpt from Path to Ruin

Valus Dharvum is a highly esteemed Cabal Valus and well-respected tactical genius known for her exploits against the Fallen. Once a Bond Sister to fellow Valuses Palvask and Kro'voun, she would witness their deaths at the hands of Guardian bounty hunters, driving her to the verge of despair and rage. Hiding and coordinating operations within the European Dead Zone, she would plot revenge against her murderers, bolstering her arsenal and strengthening her forces, preparing for plans to come. With the arrival of the shattered remnants of the Cabal Empire, she would join the Rite of Proving in hopes of getting much needed support against her allies's murderers, where she fiercely vies for a seat in the War Council with the eradication of the Fallen within the Salt Mines.



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