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Bruvos, Fortification Engineer
Biographical information




Red Legion (formerly)
Imperial Cabal (currently)







Combat information


Battlegrounds: Behemoth (Legendary)


Red Legion Slug Rifle
Cabal Cluster Missiles


Summon Cabal
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Limited Flight
Summon Shield Scorpii
Energy Shield Barrier
Mortar Support
Summon Portable Cabal Shield
Immunity Shield
Summon Shieldbearer Cabal


"But what would happen if he got too close too Caiatl, to her war council, to the last hope of the Cabal? Would they too perish like his former comrades, like his commanders, his friends, his family? Would he mean the extinction of his people? Would-

No. He cannot fear superstition! Not in this time of need, in this time of desperation! In this darkest hour for his people! No. They need all the help they can get. Cabal, Psion, War Beast, cursed or not! He does not fear anything! He is Cabal! He will be the greatest bastion against monsters, traitors and those who would dare defy the empire! He is Bruvos! He will help his people to salvation, one firebase at a time!

His curse remained, another good friend dead. But it came to benefit him. And soon, it will benefit his people.
— Excerpt from The Believers

Bruvos, Fortification Engineer is a Cabal Centurion and an esteemed and infamous tactical engineer. Once a treasured member of a skilled tactical division of the Red Legion, he would end up as the de-facto commander of his company following the tragic and continuous death of his superiors; this string of deaths, as well as the deaths of his close friends and family would make him superstitious, leading him to believe he is cursed. However, with the arrival of Empress Caiatl and the recent death of a once close ally, Commander Dracus, he would join the Rite of Proving, taking up the empty mantle once headed by his friend and continuing to expand the Imperial Cabal's war effort on Nessus.



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