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Jahvur, the Defiant Spindle
Biographical information




Red Legion (formerly)
Imperial Cabal (currently)







Combat information


Battlegrounds: Oracle


Cabal Headhunter


Summon Cabal
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Limited Flight
Ground Slam
Summon Vex Platforms
Engine Overload
Summon Portable Cabal Shield
Immunity Shield
Summon Shieldbearer Cabal


"Mercury taught him a valuable lesson before it got swallowed up by the night. The Vex know the perfect route to victory, because they've both seen it before and after, and they haven't all at the same time. Always a paradox to an unfamiliar mind, not like him though, not like his Psions. (...) Now that there is one less contender to worry about, he'll find the perfect route to victory on high for the Cabal and a path of ruin for all who stand opposed to them. It's something the empire just so desperately needs."
— Excerpt from Path to Ruin

Jahvur, the Defiant Spindle is a Cabal Centurion and commander of a demolitions detachment responsible for the destruction of countless Vex strongholds. During his years stationed on Mercury, he would eventually grow more and more fascinated with the Vex, as well as their simulation engines, where he and his company of Psions would conduct research on the Infinite Forest. Their breakthroughs and insight on the simulation engine would lead them to countless victories and would develop new tactics for he and his crew. After evacuating the planet before its disappearance, he and his squad would continue their research on Vex simulations on Nessus before the arrival of the fragmented Cabal Empire. Willing to gain a seat within the War Council and provide his people with a much-needed victory, he would compete in the Rite of Proving, where he would continue Ixel's research on the prediction engine in the Well of Giants.



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