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Velaitl, Blind Veteran
Biographical information




Blind Legion (formerly)
Imperial Cabal


Val (formerly)





Combat information


Battlegrounds: Redemption


Arc Slap Rifle
Epoch Barrage


Summon Cabal
Summon Hijacked Vex
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Limited Flight
Ground Slam
Rotational Shields
Summon Oracles
Suppression Field
Summon Time Rift
Immunity Shield
Summon Shieldbearer Cabal


"They called us the Blind Legion, but we could see better than everyone else, we saw utility in our enemies. (...) Then I will make weapons out of all of them. They will all be mine, as tools or as vehicles of war. For Caiatl. For the Empire."
— Velaitl, excerpt from The Blind Veteran

Velaitl, Blind Veteran is a Cabal Centurion and former Val affiliated with the Blind Legion. Once a well respected and feared field commander and scientist of the Blind Legion, she was infamous for countless raids on Vex strongholds with few casualties, as well as many advancements in the Legion's research on the Vex, their arsenal, motives and tactics. However, following the death of Primus Sha'aull, she and some of her loyalists would desert, bringing their research and insight on the Vex with them to the Tangled Shore. Long evading bounty hunters and the punishment of the Red Legion, she would soon learn to wield Vex tech and control a sub-type of Vex, even capable of pulling Oracles out from the timestream to her aid. With the arrival of Empress Caiatl and the rest of her fractured Empire, Velaitl would compete in the Rite of Proving in the hopes of landing a spot within the War Council, lending her insight on the Vex to her allies and to gain more power from conquests.



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