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Reltroc, the Frozen-Thought
Biographical information




Red Legion (formerly)
Imperial Cabal


Psion Flayer (presumably)





Combat information


Battlegrounds: Hailstone


Slug Rifle


Summon Cabal
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Thruster Dash
Limited Flight
Psionic Shockwave
Freezing Effect
Stasis Blasts
Stasis Cascade
Stasis Strikes
Summon Portable Cabal Shield
Immunity Shield
Summon Shieldbearer Cabal


"He's heard the many stories on Europa. Of the Guardians and Fallen wielding Darkness. Of leaving their enemies at their mercy. Of them becoming nothing but husks. (...) When he got a taste of it's immense power, he knew the omens were good. The Cabal are saved and his people offered a new route to transcendence. He knew nothing was going to stop him and his empire. He was always faithful to the Empire, because the omens never lied to him."
— Excerpt from The Believers

Reltroc, the Frozen-Thought is an elite Psion Flayer and de-facto leader of a Red Legion research division. During the Red War, he was always fascinated with the paracausal abilities of the Light, as well as the dark powers of the Hive, which resulted in him conducting countless research projects on the entrapped Light and operations on high-gain Hive ritual sites. During the events of Beyond Light, after catching wind of the powers of Stasis on Europa, he and his contingent would conduct secret raids on the House of Salvation, stealing Splinters of Darkness and kidnapping Fallen engineers, where he would find a breakthrough and tie his psionic powers to the immense Darkness of the Splinter, therefore becoming the first soldier in the Cabal Empire to wield Stasis. With this newfound knowledge and power, he would join the Rite of Proving in hopes of acquiring a position within the War Council and replicating his discovery.



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