The Journey

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The Journey
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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

Quest giver:



Trace the path of a mysterious, long-lost Guardian.




The Journey is an exotic quest in Destiny 2 that was introduced in the Shadowkeep expansion, which rewards players with the Xenophage Machine Gun.[1] To obtain this quest, players must complete a puzzle in the Enduring Abyss on the Moon. Right before Eris Morn's station overlooking the Lunar Pyramid there are four Hive statues, which players have to interact with them to make all of them light up. Solving it spawns a chest with the first quest step.


"And my vanquisher will read that book, seeking the weapon, and they will come to understand me, where I have been and where I was going."
The following is a verbatim transcription of an official document for archival reasons. As the original content is transcribed word-for-word, any possible discrepancies and/or errors are included.

Step 1: Emergence[edit]

Around you... darkness. If you are to discover your path, you must anchor yourself to light.

  • Emerged from the dark

"It was hard to see the point of a single fireteam taking on Crota, but it was easy to understand how retribution had driven us there. The names of everyone we'd lost in that needless disaster were etched across the walls of the Last City, each and every one a reminder that they were gone and we were not. So when Eriana-3 came knocking, it was a simple decision. From top to bottom, we'd avenge every one of those names. A fire burned in all six of us. We were gonna make sure Crota knew it."
— A loyal friend


To complete this step, the player has to travel to the Anchor of Light and locate an orb of captive Solar Light in one of the buildings. They have a limited amount of time to light seven saucers scattered around the area with this orb.

Step 2: Pathfinder[edit]

A light shines on your path. But you have yet to bring it into focus. Until then, your path remains among the lost.

"For me, there was no return from Crota. I lacked hope. Made me not the easiest to get along with. I knew that. But it didn't matter to Eris. She saw hope in me where I wouldn't. Wanted to say thanks, so I tried to gift her a trinket, but she rejected it. Eris wasn't looking for gratitude; she truly saw hope in us all. On our own, we were nothing. But as she'd always remind us, lost as we might be, true strength came from our union.

Eris's words rang in my ears as the Hive tore my Light from my soul.
— A loyal friend


This quest step is completed by solving a puzzle at the end of each Lost Sector on the Moon. There is a grid with Hive symbols on a wall, and a symbol above it. The player has to change all of the symbols on the grid into the symbol above by shooting them. Shooting a symbol changes all symbols on the vertical and horizontal lines where it is located. Once a wall is solved, it spawns a chest with the path fragment.

Step 3: Descent[edit]

Your path brightens, shining through the barrier of emerald, beneath a harbor built from sorrow.

  • Path uncovered

"The worst part about what the Hive did to us wasn't the killing. It was the separation. Splitting us up made us weak. They dragged me deep below the lunar surface, through a wall of endless doors. Strung me up. Made my Ghost, Karsys, watch as they tore my Light away, like stripping muscle from bone. Then they killed Karsys in front of me. Sure would've been nice then to have had some of that hope Eris had been peddling."
— A loyal friend


This quest step is completed in the Pit of Heresy dungeon. The player has to proceed past the Necropolis encounter to the walls with many doors and interact with a hidden switch in one of them. The correct doorway is the only one without a chained symbol on it.

Step 4: Discovery[edit]

The Pariahs stand guard over far more than just despair, for within these tunnels lie many secrets.

  • Path's end located

"I did see one familiar face before the end. I'm not sure how she found me—probably followed the Hive's trail of runes or something.

The resilience of Eris Morn—her greatest strength and her greatest weakness. To see the Heart of Crota peel my Light away and feed it to those disgusting little maggots and yet do nothing to stop it... She made the right call. 'Else the fire in us both might've gone out that day. I'd never blame her.
— A loyal friend


This quest step is completed by opening the doorway to the hidden boss in the Pit of Heresy during the Tunnels of Despair encounter. At the leftmost area upon interacting with a prompt on the cliff underside, the player has to cross several floating platforms above the pit to obtain a shiny orb of Solar Light, and light the two saucers by the doorway in the opposite section of the encounter.

Step 5: Slay Volmâr, the Tempted[edit]

The end of your path is in sight. Defeat those who would keep you from it.

"Eris did something truly kind for me, however, in those final moments. When she found me strung up, I saw her clutching the trinket I had made her—the one she'd rejected—tightly against her chest. I never forgot that. She'd made sure in that moment that the fire in my heart didn't go out. Made sure I knew I wasn't alone. The fire in me raged. What I would've given to stand with my fireteam one last time and burn those heathens to oblivion!"
— A loyal friend


  • This quest step is completed by defeating the hidden boss in the Pit of Heresy. When in Volmâr's room, the player receives a "Dread" buff, which determines what element of damage they will be able to deal to the boss. Each corner of the entrance room contains an orb with a Hive rune above it, the color of the orb corresponds with a certain damage type. There are four saucers with Hive runes above them, and a shiny orb in the middle of the room. The player has to memorize the rune for the orb which matches their Dread in the entrance room, then carry the shiny orb and light the saucer with this rune in the main room. Doing so changes their buff to its "Vengeance" version, which lasts 30 seconds and allows them to damage Volmâr with the buff's element.
  • The Dread and Vengeance buffs refer to the elements as Neutral (Kinetic), Thunderous (Arc), Fiery (Solar), and Abyssal (Void).

Step 6: Finality[edit]

Return to Eris Morn with the Hive bug.

  • Talk to Eris Morn

"As they peeled away my Light piece by piece, the dark began to set in. I went limp. My mind started to fade. But the fire raged on.

It's a funny thing, dying for good twice. I imagine my first death was frightening. But this one was calming. This time I knew I wasn't really gone forever. Neither were my friends. Vell. Eriana. Sai. Toland. ...Eris. There was peace in that. Knowing we'd always be together, somewhere. Somehow.

I felt my spirit leave my body through my Light. And then—only darkness.
— A loyal friend


Visit Eris Morn with the now-transformed Omar Agah. She will insert Omar’s Hive bug form into his prized machine gun Xenophage, which is then given as your reward.


"This… communes with me. And I know it… I know him. This is what remains of dear Omar. Tortured by the Hive. I knew not that he would be transformed by Crota's twisted experiments…"

"I am sorry I couldn't save you, friend. In life, you may have been unable to escape their grasp. But you will have your vengeance yet."

Eris has kept in her possession one of Omar's greatest assets: his beloved Machine Gun. Eris empowers it with the spirit of Omar, and grants it to you.

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