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"Omar… do you think… we'll see each other… again?"
— Karsys' last transmission
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Karsys was the Ghost of Omar Agah, one of the three Hunters who took part in the First Crota Fireteam's raid on the Hellmouth.


Karsys joined Eriana-3, Eris Morn, Sai Mota, Vell Tarlowe and Toland, the Shattered along with their Guardian and together they descended into the Moon's depths. They did not have much luck in dealing with the Hive, however, and the fireteam was quickly separated and picked out one by one. Omar was dragged into the Pit deep below where The Scarlet Keep would one day stand, strung up and tortured by the Heart of Crota before Karsys' very eyes - the Ghost was then killed for Omar to watch.[1] Karsys' shell can be found in the Pit of Heresy dungeon, during the Tunnels of Despair encounter. Upon inspecting their shell, the player will hear the Ghost's last words to their Guardian.[2]

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