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Vanguard transmissions (Season of the Hunt)[edit]

Osiris messages to Zavala

First message to Zavala[edit]

  • Zavala. This is Osiris. I promised you updates, so... here we are.
  • There's no much to tell. Mercury, Mars, Io, and Titan are gone.
  • With that in mind, I wanted to give you the gift of perspective. I am sending you an artifact. Long kept in the care of my... followers.
  • It is of Hive origin: a fang of Xivu Arath, sister to the Taken King, Oryx.
  • The Traveler may have reformed, but until it acts, understanding the Darkness is our best chance of defeating it.
  • Perhaps in this relic, there is a real, tangible hope. Not just empty promises.

Second message to Zavala[edit]

  • I needed to put some distance between myself and Earth. [sighs] So I headed to the Dreaming City.
  • The city itself is still caught in its curse loop. I have doubts we'll ever be able to undo the damage the Taken caused here.
  • Unsurprisingly, Petra remains useless. She doesn't know where her Queen is, and that leaves us with fewer allies.
  • Oh, and, uh... let Saint know I found the letter he hid in my ship. Tell him – no, never mind. I'll tell him myself.

Third message to Zavala[edit]

  • I came back to the Tower, but you were in a meeting with Ikora, so I went to see how Ana's work with Rasputin is progressing.
  • She's made several failed attempts at importing his consciousness into the body of a dead Exo.
  • Ana has a brilliant mind, but she's squandering herself trying to salvage the remains of that Golden Age tyrant.
  • She should put her talents towards something more... productive.
  • Maybe I'm just bitter.

Fourth message to Zavala[edit]

  • Hmm. The orbital path of Nessus has changed. Likely due to the sudden disappearance of the Leviathan.
  • I could not find any evidence of long-range scans. But remnants of the Cabal still linger.
  • According to the intercepted transmissions, Calus's daughter, Caiatl, is trying to rally what's left of the Red Legion.
  • As if we didn't have enough problems.

Fifth message to Zavala[edit]

  • I'd gone to the Reef, hoping to find insight into Caiatl's agenda among the Cabal there. Instead, I found something else.
  • There's a... new strange presence here. It grows as an organic technology, like a small tower.
  • There were Cabal gathered around it, enraptured by something I could not perceive. Perhaps their own desperation — or madness.
  • A long-range scan of the structure was inconclusive, save for confirming it was of Hive origin.
  • I need to determine whether it was just delusion attracting the Cabal... or something more.

Sixth message to Zavala[edit]

  • Every day, there is some new horror.
  • I stayed in the Reef to further observe those Hive-enraptured Cabal. They did not rest – simply spent hours kneeling before the structure.
  • Sometimes they screamed. Other times they cried, but mostly, they were just... silent.
  • They left come morning, wandering out on the fringes of the Shore.
  • I decided to examine the structure more closely, and, uh... I'm certain I... I heard something. Calling to me. Beckoning.
  • Sagira convinced me not to perform any further investigation for the time being.

Seventh message to Zavala[edit]

  • It's dark out here. I sometimes forget how isolating deep space is. I'm on my way back to Earth, but it will be at least one more day.
  • I wonder how Saint is doing in my absence. I worry about him. About how well he's adjusting. How he blames himself for all this.
  • He has such a big heart... Perhaps if we hadn't meddled with history, none of this would have happened?

Eighth message to Zavala[edit]

  • Sagira initiated a long-range scan as we were entering Earth's orbit, looking for signs of that same Hive structure we discovered at the Reef.
  • Call it intuition. There are more of them on the Moon.
  • I went to speak with Eris, to seek her counsel as an expert on the Hive's witchcraft. But I could not find her.
  • Perhaps you know where she is?

Ninth message to Zavala[edit]

  • I just had the most interesting conversation with our friend, Spider — back out in the Reef.
  • Not only did he already know about these Hive structures, but he's found others on the Tangled Shore that my scanners missed.
  • He claims some of his agents have gone missing, and there are rumors of disappearance among the houseless Fallen as well.
  • Sagira patched into local Cabal communications. Caiatl's scouts noted unsettling discoveries among the Red Legion stranded in the system.
  • Entire encampments abandoned. Evidence of internal conflict, mass graves. Whatever is going on with these Hive towers... we need an answer.
  • I'm going to Saturn. I may have a way to find it within the derelict hulk of Oryx's Dreadnaught.
  • Tell Saint he's missed.

Tenth message to Zavala[edit]

  • It was a success. I was able to reverse engineer the Hive's organic communications systems within the Dreadnaught.
  • I directly interfaced with their... network of collective consciousness.
  • The things I learned, Zavala. The things I learned. The Hive is fractured, shattered, turned on itself.
  • The Black Fleet intends to punish Savathûn for interfering with its efforts to communicate with us.
  • No one knows where the Witch Queen is, not even her own court. And now Xivu Arath is using this opportunity to consolidate her power.
  • I will return to the Reef tomorrow to confer once more with Spider. He says he has news for me.

Eleventh message to Zavala[edit]

  • As distasteful as Spider may be, his information network is vast and... surprisingly well researched.
  • According to his people, the Hive structures are called cryptoliths. They spread like the roots of a tree and bore into our dimension.
  • No word yet on their point of origin. Spider claims to have his best man on it, but... Sagira and I have our own suspicions.

Twelfth message to Zavala[edit]

  • Zavala, I am presently en route to the Moon to search for more information on the cryptoliths.
  • Sagira and I are going to touch down and investigate.

Thirteenth message to Zavala[edit]

  • If anyone is listening, I... Sagira is... She sacrificed herself to save me. From them. From the Hive.
  • I'm tracking the creature responsible for Sagira's death. I will find it. I will end it.
  • Zavala... I need you to send the Young Wolf to the following coordinates. I won't wait!

The Unclaimed Lightbearer[edit]


Transmission from Osiris


Let us not waste time on formalities.

Spies from both the City and Reef have become aware of an unclaimed Lightbearer, though they have not yet been able to put a name or face to the reports. Their attention has only focused now that this Lightbearer has fallen prey to the Shore's self-appointed overseer. It is a matter of time until all is laid bare before prying eyes.

You would be wise not to hasten this effort. Instead, give credence to this: our Crow is a new Light. Attention is required elsewhere, and whatever latent grudge you bear against the flesh the Light has inhabited carries merit no longer. Uldren Sov is dead. Do not pummel the corpse of your grievances. Keep this information between us, or if the first trigger pull was not enough to satisfy, know that you only risk our chance at victory for a scrap of catharsis. I do not believe this to be your nature.

Xivu Arath leaves no room for distraction. The appearance of her mongrels are the fingers of her encroaching grasp. We have a single moment to halt their advance, for if she is successful, her brood will establish a foothold that could take centuries to purge, if it can be purged at all. Falter, and she will swallow this system.

Secrets keep the peace, for now. Truth in time. I will assist you where I can.