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The Hands of Darkness


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At war with:

The Last City
House of Dusk
Crimson Legion

Allied with:

Disciples of the Witness
Sol Divisive


The Hands of Darkness are a group of enemies allied with Forum:The Triumvirate. They consist mainly of Hive and House Salvation



When the Triumvirate arrived in Sol they knew they would need an army. One month before Savathun’s death, they took House of Salvation members and Savathûn's Brood to form The Hands of Darkness. Arriving on Callisto they gained many recruits through a deal with the crew of the A crashed Hive Warship.

Battle of the Moon[edit]

While attempting to raid a research facility secretly owned by the 8th Experimental Company. The Triumvirate’s troops fought the Frames and Specters as the Triumvirate snuck into the info terminal. The Guardian received the disrtress call and witnessed Jay-11 and Fenchurch attempt to fight the Triumvirate. The guardian joined in yet still lost to Revenek and Calark. The forces pulled out, heading for Europa.

The Remnants[edit]

Hearing rumors of a powerful ai system and finally having the info to find them, the Hands of Darkness sent their command ship and pyramid The Ravenous to Europa where they discovered Remnant 2. They battled Salvation remnants, as well as Vex. Eventually, the Specters notified The Guardian so they assaulted the base indiscriminately killing all enemies. They eventually came across a Walker and Salvation troops led by Arvok, Champion who was discussing with a mysterious Fallen. held off Hive and traitor members of House Salvation. The guardian stopped both parties, killing Avrok. They found a giant cavern guarded by a zombie Stasis fallen made by Revenek called the Indomitable Wraith. Then, more Specter Agents lead by Fenchurch arrived. As powerful as this monster was, the Guardian has slain more powerful creatures. Then they arrived in the main area, where Revenek and Clark had consumed the energy from the Remnant Core and killed its emissary. This set their plans back a bit but found out about a Cabal train carrying the info to Remnant 7. Arriving at the train, Two Ghost Captains lead their forces on the train making their way from bottom to top. The Guardian and Fenchurch along side them stormed the ship, defeating all enemies. The leader of the train, Val Cal’ark managed to defeat a number of their forces before falling to The Guardian. A few hours later, The Hands of Darkness with a Hive Warship storm the crash sight but a Cabal Carrier deployed troops to counter this. The Guardian wanted to be the first to the new Remnant so they snuck past everyone at first but accidentally set off an alarm, giving everyone their location. The guardian powered through, finding the Cabal Info on where the Remnant was. At the time, the Hands of Darkness had a meeting. Their leadership, The Triumvirate, Forum:Nalkris, Silverstorm, and The Twelfth Disciple had recently taken over a remnant. They were doing well, they decided to send two of their Lieutenants to recruit members of the House of Dusk. They sent one to Nessus and one to Earth. These were hunted down by glimmer hungry guardians. The Hands of Darkness assaulted a Cabal base protecting Remnant 7 but this place already had info on where Calark, the Collector was. The Hands of Darkness assaulted Remnant 9 lead by Calark. The Specters hired a three man fireteam to invade Remnant 9. This fireteam broke in through the secret entrance occupied by a group in the House of Dusk working for the Baron and mastermind Jalix. She was behind the heist to get Riskrunner and she sent Haviks, Dusk Baron to get it. She even almost acquired Bastion as Reysk and his friend Aksiniks both worked for her. However, The Hive forces had already made themselves at home. The guardian came across an area holding multiple walkers and a Goliath tank, though none of these were active. In this area Talos, Patron of War fighting a Marauder with a Walker named Captain Galik though Galik was wounded and Talos was killed by the Gaurdian. The guardian came to a beach that had many fallen patrols in the area. The guardian eventually made it to a storage area and the entrance to the bunker. It seemed to be a hangar guarded by a Commando Captain. The guardian preserved into a train area similar to airlock six. It had four interceptors that weirdly the Fallen owned. They were guarded by two Vandals. These Interceptors eventually get destroyed by a train, the guardian boards a train but other trains that have fallen are chasing them as the fallen fires upon them. The train eventually stops in an area that has a purple gate. Next to it is a hole in the wall, inside is a Prison of the Elders style area where Aramak was overseeing a group of Hive acolytes and thralls do battle with a Fallen security squad. The guardian kills Aramak. The guardian goes on and kills the rest of Calark and Jalix’s forces. He then fights Calark in a long fight but wins, killing Calark. (Revenek’s end is TBA)

The Few Left[edit]

During the Final Shape, new commanders have risen up. A group of Hive led by Arvok, Redeemed Champion assault Savathun's Throne World and attempt to steal the Crown of the Redeemer. They kill Evalis and steal the Crown of the Redeemer. However they don't make it far as a team of Guardians kills them. After that, a team known as Kingslayers attempt to take over The Hands of Darkness. The Guardian infiltrates their main base, Morlantis and kills their leader, a mysterious being known as The Hunt. They also defeat his right hand man, The Harvest. Then, a mysterious Quest is released as a Specters Most Wanted. The Guardian starts the mission in the Cosmodrome, thinking nothing of it. Then they receive a horrifying call from a fireteam in contract with the Specters. The whole team is wiped and a voice comes on the comm. They reveal themselves as Nalkris, making their reappearance. Though the Guardian most go through a difficult Journey, they end up defeating him, marking the supposed end of the Hands of Darkness leadership. Though their are still members of the group, they are scattered and without strong leadership.,

Command Structure[edit]



The Triumvirate[edit]

Calark, The Collecter
The Twelfth Disciple
Revenek, the Necromancer


Arvok, Champion
The Hunt


Captain Xakar





Jazak, Avrok’s Scientist

Wraiths and Necromanced[edit]

Indomitable Wraith