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The Shattering


Destiny 2

Quest giver:



Defeat The Talisman and the Kingslayers


Shattering Death

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"I have heard a rumor of a new weapon Shattering Death, it is supposedly amazingly advanced. However, a member of the Kingslayers has obtained it."
— Fenchurch

The Shattering is an exotic quest that rewards you with Shattering Death.

Quest Steps[edit]

Speak With Fenchurch[edit]

"We have brief info on The Kingslayers location"
— Fencurch
  • Speak with Fenchurch Everis about the rumors on a new gun.

Search for an artifact in the King’s Grave lost sector[edit]

  • Lost Sector Looted x

Defeat Taken and Hive enemies[edit]

  • x% out of 100

Complete the Kingslayer’s Plot mission[edit]

  • x Mission Completed

Complete Specters Most Wanted: The Blade[edit]

  • x Bounty Completed

Destroy the Fallen having possession of the weapon during an altered version of The Devil’s Lair[edit]

  • Strike Completed

Defeat The Talisman[edit]

  • Mission Completed