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Skira, Judge of the Abyss
Biographical information

Other names:

Skira, the Watcher
The Baleful Eye
True Disciple
My Finest Work (by Nezarec)
She-Who-Eternally-Hates (by Lumis






The Polyphony (formerly)
Disciples of the Witness
Black Fleet







Combat information


The Tainted Heart


Polyphony's Bane
Scales of Oblivion


Summon Resonant Censers
Summon Fallen
Summon Nightmares
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Tremor Debuff
Resonant Sun
Chromatic Blast
Resonant Pinion
Baleful Psychosis
Limited Hovering
Pervading Darkness
Binding Light


"And now, my revenge is complete! Freedom at last! Children of my enemy, I extend my greatest gratitude for my release. I wonder how I could repay you for my liberation. Perhaps... perhaps a quick, painless death will suffice? [escalating maniacal laughter]"
— Skira threatening the Guardians

Skira, Judge of the Abyss is a Disciple of the Witness. Once a member of the Divine Chorus of The Polyphony, after being falsely blamed for a "great discordance", she would destroy her own people with the quaint assistance of Nezarec, who took a great interest in the psionically powerful Kshiri. Little is known about her doings apart from the Witness's fondness for the Kshiri singer, deeming her the judge of the abyss; she is responsible for the destruction of countless worlds she deemed "unworthy" of the Final Shape and would even recruit the Chimera to the Witness's cause.

When she encountered the Eliksni, however, she would be assigned to their conversion to the Darkness at the behest of the Witness and sought to personally recruit Israhn if all else failed. However, her plans would be foiled with the arrival of the Traveler, as her master's great adversary immediately converted the Eliksni and dispatched Lumis to hunt her down. Following which, she would have been captured by the floral agent of Light and imprisoned deep within its lucent heart. During her incarceration, her warden would try to turn her away from the Darkness to no avail, where she was then put into a deep slumber, placed in advanced stasis and flooded with light to prevent her influence from spreading.

Following the events of The Final Shape, House of Salvation forces would infiltrate the scarred Traveler at the behest of her Chimera pets in an effort to free her. After orchestrating them to deceive the Guardian Fireteam into freeing her, she would finally break free from her lucent sarcophagus, utilizing her Darkness powers, as well as the Light she stole from the prison around her, in an effort to finally fulfill her master's desire and avenge her failure with the extinction of the Last City and her allies. However, despite her new powers and psionic capabilities, she would officially be slain.


Polyphony's Bane[edit]

Divine Chorus[edit]

"I was made indispensable to them. I sang with pride and conviction in our Polyphony and I felt as my voice and mind breathed life for our world. I felt my power mend our broken world, purging away the radiation of our chromatic warheads and influence of death thoughts. To them I was... the perfect tool."
— Skira recounting her past

Betrayal and Tutelage[edit]

"I can feel your rage overflowing. It fuels you as much as it does me. (...) I like you. Perhaps we can work on an arrangement.
Like what?
How about revenge?
Yeah, perhaps... (...) perhaps that is exactly what I need.
Nezarec and Skira conversing months following her exile


"--It does not anger you that your world now belongs to us? It does not anger you that the voices of your great choir are silenced for good?--
Why should I be angry? (...) They got exactly what they deserved; justice for their pride.
— The Witness discussing Kshiral's suspension in Macrocosm

The Chimera[edit]

"They are mindless beasts of delirium and indiscriminate hunger. Vessels empty, hollow and void. More concerned with filling it. They are perfect conduits for my will."
— Skira on the Chimera

The Eliksni[edit]

Wrath of the Watcher[edit]

"They feared me. They feared my name, loathed it and gnashed teeth at it's mere inference. It was all too perfect, my Witness. I have turned their fear into mistrust, into paranoia and, in time, they would have revered me as those one-eyed children did Nezarec. (...) They now ignore my doings, and now all I have for them is PURE. HATRED."
— Skira reflecting on her attempt to subjugate the Eliksni

The Traveler and Plans Foiled[edit]


The Tainted Heart[edit]

"Were she to escape, her reign of terror would go unopposed. Your Last City would fall to delirium and paranoia of the highest order. We must'nt allow that to happen, my children. We must stir the Light and stop her by any means. Go now, children! Go now and hurry!"
— Skira, disguised as the disembodied voice of Lumis



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