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"I once believed my home was adamantine, resolute and unassailable. Through the song, through our eyes and through the great Polyphony, we brought back our world from the brink of destruction and paved a new era of peace and prosperity. Now, when I reflect back on it all, I see for what it all truly was: wishful naiveté."

Kshiral was once a terrestrial moon in an ancient star system that once served as the homeworld of the Kshiri species, which included Skira. At some point, The Witness would collect it for it's personal collection in search for answers on the light and is, to this day, still stored within Macrocosm.


Kshiral once orbited a binary star system and was the moon of a bright blue gas giant and harbored thirteen moons of its own. Most life adapted to flight due to the sheer mountains and intense monsoonal winds, of which included the reptavian and sentient Kshiri species.

Though the planet's flora was once a brilliant green, constant war and the resulting nuclear radiation turned the plant-life a red shade instead. While the wars were intense, much of the wildlife survived and adapted to their new environments.

Kshiri civilizations grew around mountain peaks where they were naturally savvy and could broadcast their psionic "songs of life" much more easily.


At some point in Kshiral's early history, the Traveler would arrive over the world and bless the rather inexperienced Kshiri with the Light before quickly departing. Following this, the many mountain kingdoms would wage war against each other in search of power. The constant warring got to the point the Kshiri nearly wiped each other out in nuclear fire, in which the species quickly adopted a doctrine of peace and "joined minds" in an effort to heal their scarred world.

Skira would eventually lead a bloody campaign against her own people after being betrayed by her own people with the assistance and guidance of Nezarec and would allow the Witness to claim and study the world in it's crusade for the Light.