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At war with:

Each Other (temporarily)


Driven extinct by both Skira and Nezarec

Notable groups:

The Polyphony

Notable individuals:

Skira, Judge of the Abyss


Kshiri were a species of strong, lanky reptavian humanoids native to the moon Kshiral. Once blessed by the Traveler, the species nearly wiped each other out following its departure and used their psionics to heal their irradiated world, founding a theocratic republic known as The Polyphony. Over time, however, the Polyphony would grow corrupt and begin using their powers for personal gain. The most famous former member of the ancient order is Skira, Judge of the Abyss.


Kshiri were bipedal and relatively humanoid in shape, bearing a commonly muscular visage, which was required for a pretty large moon and it's intense winds. Their digitigrade legs and burly arms sported five long, taloned fingers and toes, both also sporting twin opposable thumbs for each limb. Their backs also had two pairs of feathered wings, with the upper-pair being larger and stronger. Feathers grew in patches on these creatures, mainly around their shins, outer thighs, forearms, necks, backs and heads. Their heads sported blunt muzzles lined with thin, jagged teeth peaked by two pairs of hollow fangs meant for piercing the spinal columns of their creatures and injecting a neurotoxin into their bloodstream. Their heads also contained a pair of blade-thin, jet black antlers as well, which were used in nest defense. Most glaringly, their heads contained five eyes, with their central eye being the largest and the upper pair being the smallest ones.

Much like the Psions and Nezarec's species, the Kshiri were capable of utilizing psionic capabilities to such a great extent that they were capable of influencing life around them, influence the minds of others and even, in a large enough group, move continents. They used their main eye as the channel for this power and enhanced it with their horns to give them better effective range. Little is known how powerful their influence was, as it was outlawed in ancient civilization, but Skira used this power extensively in her service with The Witness and skillfully in her final confrontation with the Guardians.