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SolarS.png Immolator Claws


High durability
Rapid Movement
SolarS.png Furious Pounce
SolarS.png Exothermic Torrent
SolarS.png Exothermic Blast
SolarS.png Malefic Incandescence
SolarS.png Infernal Malice
SolarS.png Scorch
Forearm Shielding
SolarS.png Pyroclastic Immolation


Immolators are imposing and wrathful humanoid units found patrolling the wastes of Pluto at the command of the master of the crashed Pyramid, the Tribunal. These creatures are tall, hunched bipedal abominations armed with nothing more than claws and wield incredible Solar power.


Immolators are massive, hunch-backed and extremely muscular beasts seemingly forever radiating with Solar energy. Bearing a striking and similar silhouette to a gorilla, they have shorter, albeit still stocky, legs and long, powerful arms. They have a short, armored head with slits hosting tongues of fire pouring out from it, but a lack of neck for the creature. Parts of the Immolator are covered in the same, waving cloth that adorns Tormentors, but they also appear to be plated in armor with a similar design to that of the tech the Pyramids use; in the center of their chest appears to be a glowing glyph bearing a similar root pattern to that of other technologies of the Black Fleet.

As previously mentioned, Immolators appear to be seething with excessive heat seemingly burning them up from the inside. On close inspection, it appears that much of the equipment on the Immolator appears to be a union of organic and mechanical matter, as its flesh seems to painfully merge with that of the tech on it. Whether or not that explains the creature's rage matters not, as it is this mechanical marriage that gives the beast its deadly edge.

At the end of its replaced, bulky and mechanical arms are a pair of wicked talons, each with two opposable thumbs and three fingers, that can tear into opponents with ease. From the palms of its scarred hands, whether naturally or mechanically, it can unleash devastating Solar energies at opponents to scorch them, or even simply just unleash a radiant pulse of burning energy from the core of its body. Jagged openings in its flesh similar to other agents of the Witness can be found on their shins and triceps.

Shrouded in mystery, Immolators are believed to be identical productions of the commander of the Plutonian pyramid. However, from the testimonies of the "arbiter", a species of energy-eating gestalt microorganisms were found and was of great interest to the narrator. Regardless, they have shown up to savagely attack any Guardian patrolling the wastes, whether through random encounter or at the direct behest of the Pyramid.


An extremely berserk tank unit, the Immolator will close in on an enemy in an effort to swipe them with their claws. These attacks can deal crippling damage and send Guardians flying backwards. If out of range, however, the Immolator will either pounce at an opponent to deal more blast damage or unleash one of two Solar attacks. The first is a massive torrent of flame that coats a massive portion of an arena in dark-fire and burns players significantly; direct exposure to the attack can swiftly dispatch a Guardian. The second is a ranged fireball attack that explodes like that of an acolyte grenade and is used mostly to dislodge opponents from cover or, otherwise, unreachable positions. Sometimes, an Immolator will attempt to build up Solar energy and unleash an arena-wide explosion that damages all within the blast radius similar to that of In Anânh and other Brood Queen models. It should also be noted that any Solar attack applies Scorch to Guardians.

All matter of attacks will damage the Immolator, but the most damage can be achieved with shots to either the glyph in the center of its chest or the radiant orb in its back. However, if enough shots are made into its chest, the Immolator will attempt to block it with its massive forearms, which are extremely resilient to damage, and will continue to block shots as long as its assailant is looking at it. To counter this, the player or players must either shoot the Immolator in the glowing weak points on their shins, their triceps, or their recently exposed core in their back. After this, the Immolator will temporarily stager, allowing Guardians to unload into the beast. If below half health or if a player shot it in the back, the Immolator will enter a unique berserk state and charge down that player. Upon hitting them with a new attack, the Immolator will grab the Guardian and repeatedly smash them against the ground before discharging them with a blast from its arms; this usually instant kills players on harder difficulties.

When below a quarter of health, the Immolator will start beginning to regenerate just noticeably to all players. To prevent this, a Guardian must do damage to the spherical core in its back. When it is killed, it should be noted that the Immolator will violently explode in a shower of fire and pyramid tech, dealing tremendous damage to all nearby enemies, so Guardians are to get clear of these monstrosities as soon as possible.

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