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Wanted: Fhurgak, Daughter of Urrox

Searing Vengeance


Destiny 2: Forsaken




New Pacific Arcology
Hellas Basin
Tangled Shore
Dreaming City


Help a friend of The Spider develop a weapon for you.

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Searing Vengeance is a Quest featured in Destiny 2: Forsaken in which the player helps a friend of The Spider, nicknamed The Craftsman, repair the Forum:Star Breaker, the weapon of Fhurgak, Daughter of Urrox.


In order to obtain the Quest, players must beat Wanted: Fhurgak, Daughter of Urrox, and pick up the Lost Sector Chest. It will be guaranteed to drop the Broken Shard, a piece to the Star Breaker.

Quest Steps[edit]

"Say, did you happen to pick up the weapon of that insufferable wench? I know a person who can repair that weapon for you."
The Spider

After completing the prelude, players then must see the Spider for the next step. He will take the Broken Shard and give them the Quest. The Quest follows:

Good Business (First Step)[edit]

"I know this associate. They do not pay cheap. Neither do they take cheap payments! They will need some money and tools to work with."
— The Spider

First, players must turn in 50,000 Glimmer to the quest step. They also have to kill Major Hive Knights and pick up a total of 10 Boomer Fragments. Players also have to kill an Abyssal Champion and pick up the Blackened Edge that drops from them.

Ascendant Demands (Second Step)[edit]

"Now they are willing to work, good friend. They are making good progress, but they need the "souls" of some Ascendant Hive. I've pinged some for you. Get hunting!"
— The Spider

Next, players must do three specific Heroic Adventures. Every place in each Adventure is a Restricted Zone, more numerous, aggressive, and resilient Hive will spawn, and death means a full restart. The Adventures are:

Burning Retribution (Third Step)[edit]

"Excellent work, my friend! But, they need one more soul. Maybe you could, what's the saying, kill two birds with one stone? In Anânh is back, and apparently better than ever. Why don't you kill her? ...Before you lose me the Shore, which would be a problem, yes? Put her back in the grave, will you?"
— The Spider

Then, players must beat a Heroic version of Broodhold (Xbox and PC gamers included). Much like the Adventures above, the Strike has been severely overhauled. Every place is a Restricted Zone, harder enemies spawn, and death results in a full restart. There are also the Solar and Void Burn, Light Switch and Brawler (Insta-kill, not on Majors or Ultras), and Grounded and Airborne Modifiers. Brood Hosts are Ultras (Armed either by Shredders or Splinters). The Son of In Anânh stays and is supported by a Wizard named Daughter of In Anâhn and an Ogre named Estranged of In Anâhn. In Anâhn and her Shade are often supported by Darkblades named Brood Queen Guard (Can't go Berserk).

Searing Vengeance (Last Step)[edit]