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Road Rider
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The Savage Devil
The Seeker
Insane Friend (titled by Selvic)
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Killed Avaxis, Only Proxy with Fireteam OvO


" Nah, the City ain't for me. Where the road goes, I follow. Nothing else."
— RoadRider to the Vanguard

RoadRider is a Guardian that travels the world, without the authority of the Vanguard. He refused to be involved with any of the Vanguard's activities, with the exception of defeating Avaxis with his Fireteam. He has also been in multiple activities with the Drifter and the Spider. He bears an unlicensed copy of the Last Word.



RoadRider was resurrected in the lands of the Cosmodrome, a wasteland filled with Fallen at the time. Some speculate that RoadRider rose in a blaze of Light and immediately scorched the Fallen with fire from the heavens. However this was a mere rumor spread by RoadRider himself. During this resurrection his ghost was spotted by Avaxis, Only Proxy while on one of his scavenging expedition. Initally, the Eliksni ignored them, but began to chase them when he realized it has a Risen with it. Through a series of deaths and a confused Lightbearer, they escaped through the use of a broken sparrow. RoadRider was busy trying to find answers from his ghost as he hastily found a broken down building nearby. Acting as a shelter, he took residence inside and began to rest.

The Wonders Of The World[edit]

During his adventures, RoadRider encountered a malfunctioned shank hovering around, which he shot with a rocket launcher he found on the ground and died from its damage radius. Later that day he discovered the Great Pyramids, and accidentally awakened a group of Hive and died. This process would continued to happen, as explained by RoadRider's ghost as, "ride, die, heal, repeat."

RoadRider's Engram[edit]

"You mean I have to go to that City you're always whining about to get this thing decrypted?! GODDAMNIT!"
— RoadRider to his ghost

During his ventures to Northern Asia, he found an engram that he liked, but was disappointed when his ghost said he required a Cryptarch to decrypt it, who was located in the City. RoadRider reluctantly agreed, and spent five days going there, where he was greeted by Zavala. After getting his engram decrypted (and was shocked to find it was a cloak), he immediately left against objections from other Risen.

A Strange Situation[edit]

During one of RoadRider's travels, he was met by the Exo Stranger, who he fell in love with, but gave her the finger when she asked where the Last City was. He was then shot in the back of the head, then rammed her with his Sparrow after resurrection. Safe to say, his ghost then agreed not to go to the City. He was also able to find a hand cannon after that encounter.

The Red War[edit]

"HAHA! What did I tell you? I didn't want to go because I didn't feel like it. And now look what happened. I told you so!"
— RoadRider talking to his ghost after witnessing the Last City's invasion

Three years after he was resurrected, he witnessed the City being invaded by the Red Legion, and smugly rubbed it in his ghost's face. He then watched in horror as his ghost lost its light, and put him in his bag before traveling again.

RoadRider travelled to the EDZ after finding a signal that pinpointed the location of Avaxis. He was disappointed when he found it was a shard of the Traveller in the Dark Forest. He was able to reclaim his light and killed the surrounding Fallen before leaving the place.

During the Guardian's adventures in the Solar System, RoadRider was able to collect a number of objects without the Vanguard watching him, namely a copy of the Last Word, another cloak, a shell for his ghost, a notebook, and a Jumpship, which he used to travel to Nessus. During his journey across the lands of Nessus, RoadRider had a brief encounter with the Guardian, but not before running away to the Exodus Black and meeting Failsafe. Sadly, he was detained after the Guardian found him in there, along with Cayde-6. RoadRider was only able to escape after tricking them with the old "look over there" trick.

After that encounter, RoadRider left to go back to Earth, where he would travel the world again, and finding that the Last City was reclaimed, which his ghost smugly told him about. RoadRider then made a promise to hunt down Avaxis for the sole reason of taking his glimmer.

Curse Of Osiris[edit]

During one of RoadRider's trips to Nessus, he was captured by an unknown Vex force known as the Nexus Cleavage, and was forced into the Infinite Forest via teleportation. RoadRider was then held hostage for a certain Guardian to discover. His ghost was still in his pouch, and because of the Nexus Cleavage not noticing it, stayed that way. During his time being captured, he interacted with Cignil, Siphoned Cold, who was able to find that it was going to use him as a vessel for its chassis if the hostage plan failed. Luckily, the Guardian arrived and was able to wipe out the surrounding members of the Nexus Cleavage, but not before retreating due to Cignil's surprisingly powerful arsenal. RoadRider freed himself from the prison, and was able to escape via Ghost. He was still stuck in the Infinite Forest, and had to resort in killing Vex in order to gather the attention needed to get removed from the Infinite Forest. Fortunately Panoptes, Infinite Mind found the rogue Guardian, and used its powers to kick RoadRider out of the Infinite Forest. RoadRider never went back to Mercury after that event.


The Hunt[edit]

"You're an insane friend, you know that?
Hell yeah I do, now let's go kill some Fallen ass.
— Selvin and RoadRider, after bombing a Fallen hideout

During RoadRider's intense surfing on the oceans of Titan, he was called by the Vanguard, who informed him of an enemy that required his help. At first RoadRider refused, and refused again when he found it was Avaxis, Only Proxy, due to RoadRider forgetting about him. He then remembered about his vow and reluctantly agreed, cheering up his ghost for finally making a good choice, before frowning when RoadRider died again.

On his second arrival to the Last City, he was informed of his new fireteam, Fireteam OvO, led by Nwell and accompanied by Selvin. At first RoadRider was distant, but during the hunt for Avaxis, RoadRider was more closer, opening up to his teammates and giving them a shoulder to cry on when the news was confirmed that Cayde-6 was dead, even going as far as hunting for Uldren Sov and the Scorn.

Five days after the formation of Fireteam OvO, they found the location of Avaxis, and were able to kill him using RoadRider's golden gun, but not before discovering that Avaxis serves an unknown Fallen House known as the House of Eon. Giving the Vanguard this information, Zavala thanked RoadRider for the information, and invited him to join the Last City, but RoadRider declined again, only wanting to travel the infinite worlds in the galaxy. He did accompany Fireteam OvO on some missions, even accompanying other Guardians during anything involving "criminal" activity (Although this was because RoadRider wanted more glimmer).

Meeting The Drifter and Spider[edit]

While walking through the second Tower to find something, RoadRider was encountered by the Drifter, who informed him that he had a scam called Gambit, and he wanted RoadRider to participate. Intrigued, he accepted, and was able to have lots of fun while killing everything he saw. When RoadRider asked questions on how the Drifter was able to summon Taken, he took a Mote of Dark and used it to summon a Taken Goblin. After giving RoadRider that little demonstration, the Drifter asked him to go do an errand for him at the Tangled Shore.

As RoadRider landed on the Tangled Shore, he walked into the Spider's lair, where he was met with a warm greeting and an object he was told to bring back to the Drifter. RoadRider left, but not before taking a large number of bounties he wanted.

After giving the Drifter the object he needed, RoadRider was thanked and given an Invader Mote, which he was told to go to the "Haul" in order to find what was in it. After going to the Haul and ending up in the realm of the Nine, he was met by the Emissary, who told RoadRider to wage the mote in the bank near him. After doing so, and landing in another place in the realm, he took out the Taken and their Champion with only him and his gun. After the mote was unlocked and turned into some shoes (which he desperately needed), he left the realm and started to commit some shenanigans again in another world.


During one of RoadRider's moon walks on the Moon, he accidentally discovered another army of hive underground, along with a nightmare of Avaxis, Only Proxy. Surprised, RoadRider tried to kill it, only to retreat from the sheer strength and number of the Hive. RoadRider was able to contact the Vanguard of the situation, and went to Nessus to watch the radiolaria falls. He did see an unknown Pyramid, but decided not to tell the Vanguard, as he wanted them to be surprised.

Season Of The Worthy[edit]

" No no NO! You are supposed to dig through them like this, not like that!"
— Asher Mir to RoadRider while excavating

While excavating rocks on the lands of Io along with an irritated Asher Mir, RoadRider heard rumors of a starship falling down to Earth. Distraught, he immediately went back to Earth in order to hear more news. What he heard was confirmed, the Almighty was set to crash on the Last City. RoadRider began to collect his items from the EDZ, as he planned to evacuate the planet to prevent being killed. His ghost called him out as cowardly, and RoadRider shot back, saying that he refused to partake in the situation when it was clear the Vanguard did not require him. Before he did, he accidentally found a Seraph Bunker near him. Never wanting to miss out on a secret hideout, he descended to the lower level of the bunker. There he was able to find several weapons that he found interesting, but he was most interested by a holographic table near his location. Activating it, he was shocked to find the Darkness arriving, and decided to leave the system entirely. He then went to Mars next to collect his other items, only to end up in Hellas Basin, as he watched as towers began to rise. RoadRider then decided to go to the source of these towers, which was revealed to be in the giant cell. After reaching to Clovis Bray's facility and fighting a group of Hive, he was able to get in contact with the Warmind Rasputin. Attempting to communicate to the colossal entity, RoadRider asked of the towers outside. After several minutes of Rasputin speaking gibberish, RoadRider left, angered at the lack of answer. On the way, he encountered Nwell, who informed him that those towers were going to be used to destroy the Almighty. Surprised and given a new sense of confidence, RoadRider began to help activating the towers, as he felt that they could be able to destroy the ship. Luckily after all the towers were deployed, he was able to watch as the Almighty was destroyed. RoadRider than began to return back to Io to excavate rocks again, only to find a fleet of Pyramids near Io.

Season of Arrivals[edit]

Shocked at the arrival of the Pyramids, he watched as Asher launched experimental weapons towards the Pyramids. Those weapons were still not enough to penetrate the hull of the Pyramid fleet, and Asher asked RoadRider to leave and inform the Vanguard. During his trip back to the City, he had trouble flying the ship due to the Pyramids gravitational control around them. After reaching Earth and the City, he informed the Vanguard of everything he saw. A determined Zavala informed RoadRider that he will send someone to get to Eris Morn, who RoadRider doesn't know about. In the meantime, RoadRider has planned to continue collecting his items all around the system and leave. As his ghost tries to plead with him not to leave, RoadRider berates ghost that the Almighty was a threat, but the Darkness itself was too much for the City to fight.

Personality and Traits[edit]

On the outside, RoadRider can be seen as a stubborn and ignorant individual, following his own route and commuting himself to have the best life with elegance. There is more to that, as RoadRider is also distant due to his separation with other Guardians. This does not prevent him from aiding others when he seeks to do so, much to the chagrin of his ghost.

RoadRider is simply put, a powerful gun wielding menace that would be able to kill large groups of enemies singlehandedly, but is either too lazy to try or actually isn't that powerful. The only testament other people have is his distain of using his Golden Gun, but has also never used anything else. Simply put, RoadRider's Light is strong, but the force behind it cannot bother to bring out its true potential.