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Kayma Vel
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Kodayma Vohel







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Titan (Sunbreaker)

Notable info:

Unintentionally Broke a Siege Dancers Defense Line
Defeated the Blind Legion's Siege Siblings
Killed a horde of Hive with a Darkblade's Axe
Cleared an Armada of Red Legion Ships by herself
Lifetime rival of Zha'lusk


"Where's the fun in hiding behind walls?! I want to fight! Haha!"
— Kayma Vel

Kayma Vel is an Awoken Titan known for her desire for a fight. Accompanied by her Ghost, Pimi, she roams the Solar System seeking all sorts of battles for the sake of experience. She is a lifelong nemesis of both the Cabal and the mysterious Fractured Taken collective.



In her previous life, Kayma was once Kodayma Vohel, an esteemed and seasoned Corsair veteran who participated in almost every battle in the Reef Wars. Most notable of her exploits was the assassination of the malicious Wolf Baron, Vilkiss. However, on one fateful patrol, she would be shot down above the Exclusion Zone on Mars by the Cabal defense grid, though she would survive the crash, she would inevitable perish at the hands of the planet's harsh elements. For 2 long years, her body would remain undisturbed and buried in the sand.

Wolf Rebellion[edit]


During the events of the Wolf Rebellion, she would be resurrected by a battered, black and red Ghost, at the time, evading a Sand Eaters strike team. From there, she immediately set out and battled the patrol, eventually and inevitably emerging victorious. After finally killing the team and their Interceptor back-up, the two greeted each other; the Ghost named the newly risen Guardian Kayma Vel from the faded Corsair Badge and the newly named Kayma named the Ghost Pimi from the faded name off the side of the nearby Ceres Galliot wreckage.

Trapped on Mars[edit]

With no available means to escape Mars, Kayma and Pimi began to wander the vast expanse of deserts and Golden Age ruins in search of other Guardians and a means of escape, or simply just the latter. In her travels, she fashioned weapons and armor from the fallen Cabal and Psion corpses and vehicles and took shelter within the disrepaired and sand-swept Martian cities. Armed with nothing more than wit and a tarnished Slug Rifle, she endured the harsh elements and survived the countless Cabal patrols. However, despite all the distance trekked she has found nothing more than defense line after defense line and the Virgo Prohibition fruitlessly battering them.

Making Enemies[edit]

It was when she finally arrived at a newly reinforced Iron Line and after she broke it did she then acquire a taste for battle. Still have yet to encounter a friendly Guardian, she decided to take full advantage of her isolation and newfound desire for combat and began waging full on war against the weakened, yet arguably still fearsome, Cabal legions. Within weeks, the Cabal Battle Network lit up with chatter about her exploits, usually barked into it with either fear, defeat or hatred. The number and impressiveness of her triumphs only began to grow with such noteworthy victories such as the breaking of a key and notoriously reinforced Siege Dancer defense line, the sabotage an Imperial Land Tank and the death of the infamous Siege Siblings. Though these triumphs against the Cabal brought the Vanguard way more closer to freeing Freehold from their clutches, Kayma didn't see her tribulations as game-changing tactical victories, not even as achievements, but merely as exhilarating experiences that sharpened her combat prowess. However, with the death of the Siege Siblings, Kayma would make an enemy, one in which will become one of the greatest threats she would ever face... As of now, still, despite the scope of the consequences of these crowning achievements against the scout Legions, Kayma was still alone with Pimi. Until one fateful day...

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Personality and Traits[edit]


  • "That was a defense line? ...HA! Weak!" -Kayma discovering she had broke a Siege Dancers defense line.
  • "They're pretty neat. But... fancy time magic means nothing to a fight... also, they bore me." -Kayma when questioned about the Vex.
  • "YEEEEEESSSSSS!!! A CHALLENGE! HAHAHAHA!" -Kayma, upon the discovery Kamuth.
  • "Taken Power... Here... BOOOOOO! CHEATER!" -Kayma after seeing Kamuth's Taken influence.
  • "It's not that I'm picking battles I know I can lose. It's making myself better for the future battles. It's about the experience!" -Kayma to Pimi when questioned about her desire.
  • "Huh. I like this thing. ...I'll just put it with the rest of my commodities." -Kayma on the Axe she tore from the hands of a Darkblade.
  • "What?! Made my way all the way here, warming myself up for this big fight and my rival dies to pomp and circumstance? Worse. Day. Ever!" -Kayma after witnessing the Red Legion commander die to a falling Harvester.