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Valus Tha'lusk
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Conducted countless raids on Clovis Bray facilities
Braved the Black Garden

The Blind Legion wouldn't be where it is without Tha'lusk's tactics and technological insight. We can rest easy knowing this monster's designs will no longer supply the Cabal.

Valus Tha'lusk was once a powerful and influential commander of the Blind Legion and a notorious member of their Siege Siblings. Throughout the Cabal's occupation of Mars, he has led countless assaults against key Vex strongholds and ancient Clovis Bray facilities with the purpose of acquiring alien tech to study and repurpose. Though he isn't seen much on the frontlines unlike his sister, he instead helps to supply new experimental tech for those who do. Before the death of his Primus, however, he would orchestrate the last incursion of his life when he encountered resistance from a newly risen Guardian, Kayma Vel, who ripped through the Virgo Prohibition Vex and his own forces before finally killing him when the Titan smashed his skull in with a single blow from a Hammer of Sol. Though some of his designs and tactics have found their way into the Red Legion's hands years later, most have fallen into obscurity and were destroyed by the Titan's Ghost, Pimi.