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Valus Rei'lusk
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Broke two powerful Vex defense lines in within an hour
Personally destroyed one of Rasputin's Subminds

It took four long weeks to secure the first and weakest Vex defense line. Under the command of Rei'lusk, the Cabal were able to secure both the second and third within a day. And this monster was killed by a Guardian none the wiser of her triumphs.

Valus Rei'lusk was once a powerful and influential commander of the Blind Legion and a notorious member of their Siege Siblings. One of the most aggressive and infamous Cabal commanders on Mars, she has seen countless victories for the Cabal's Blind Legion time and again. Most infamous of which was the seizure of a Vex Citadel protected by two dense and seemingly impenetrable defense lines whom she and her men broke through in less than a day. Though she would refuse to admit it, her feats were partially achieved thanks to her brother's tech and weaponry, the best of which was often gifted to her due to their familial relationship. Following the death of her Primus and after hearing of the death of her brother at the hands of a newly arisen Guardian, she would gather a crew of her most elite shock troops and begin a hunt for Tha'lusk's murder in hopes of avenging her fallen sibling. However, despite her years of experience in warfare and arsenal of powerful tech and a ferocious battle against the wounded Guardian, she would be killed nearly instantly from the Titan's Hammer of Sol, where she cursed her assailant before finally disintegrating into a mound of ash. Though her legacy died with her, she would live on in the heart of her vanquisher, Kayma Vel.