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Biographical information

Other name(s):

Grayria, Winter Lost
Daughter of Draksis[note 1]
Kell of Winter[note 2]
Last of Winter[note 3]


Eliksni homeworld





Political and military information


House of Winter (formerly)
House of Lions (currently)


Fallen Queen



Notable info:

Former Member of the House of Winter
Queen of the Fallen House of Lions


Grayria, the Queen of Lions is a former member of House of Winter, who becomes the Queen of the Fallen House of Lions. She is also the lover of Joskaa, the Kell of Lions.


Grayria was born in the House of Winter, presumably left by her parents, she would be adopted by Draksis, Winter Kell, under him, she would learned about how to fight and how to be stealthy. She would later meet a Former Wolf and became her Friend. As she got older, she would help her foster parent and serve as his spy during when the House of Winter raged war with the House of Scar. But during a mission, her Skiff would crash and her crew dead, she would be stranded on a unknown star system, which would belong to the House of Lions.

Life with the Lions[edit]

After Grayria ended up in the House of Lions, their Kell allowed her to stay with them, only if she gives him info about the House of Sky. She would accept the offer and became their trustful spy, she went undercover as a Sky, and began spying them. Due to her knowledge of the Sky info, it would help the The Skybreakers conduct successful raids and Assassinations of the Sky's leaders and generals. Grayria, later was able to find the House of Sky's lair. With this, the Lions amassed the largest Lion fleet, to attack the Sky's Lair, which went successful.

Becoming a Queen[edit]

Later on, in the Gray Wars, Yorvik was killed in a clash, by a sheer numbers and desperation of a Sky fleet, due to this, the Lions was in situation of crowning a new Kell, which was won by Skeklos. however, Grayria, and a contigent of Lions, saw him as strange, and investaged him. Under Skeklos, terror and sorrow was sewed into the Lions. When it went worse, a small group of Lions, staged a rebellion, against them. the attack was led by Joskaa, the Open-Minded, and further supported by Grayria, herself. The attack led into a chase, ending in The Prison of Scars, A House of Gray facility, With the bulk of the House of Lions, they were able kill Skeklos, who apperntly was working with the Sky Fallen, and Destroyed the Prison, causing the Sky to trapped, with the War over, The Lion crowned Joskaa, as the new Kell. Grayria later became his mate, and was later titled herself as the Queen of Lions.

Rise of Gray[edit]


Searching for Winter[edit]




Beyond Light[edit]

During the events of Beyond Light, Grayria would continue to lead the Lions alongside Joskaa, keeping to herself amongst the Wintership Simiks-Fel that she has taken control over, further more, she has now carries her’s and Joskaa’s hatchlings. Also to note, she has later on met with the Taken Vothriks, Whom was a former Baron of The House of Winter, and they would become allies to one another.

Season of the Vipers[edit]




Personality and Traits[edit]

Grayria is shown to be somewhat cold and secretive to other species, or Houses, except for House of Lions and House of Winter, being ruthless to those who stand in her way. She is known for a secret hatred to The Last City and their Guardians (save it for AJ, the Relentless, who is one of the Lions' most closest allies), for killing her foster parent, Draksis and breaking the House of Winter. However she is shown to have kind personality, as she has a major soft spot to her mate: Joskaa, for being there for her, when she lost everything within Winter, and sees his kindness, a bit "adorable", and is fair to the Lions. But would still use her tactics in battle, which are ruthless and stealthy, echoing that, of Draksis. Grayria is also known to be a albino Eliksni, which is rare to their kind. Grayria is also known to be very directive and commanding, one of things, that Joskaa likes about her.

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  1. ^ titled by the House of Winter
  2. ^ titled by the House of Winter
  3. ^ titled by the House of Winter