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Chicagoan Pyramid
Old Chicago
468 Lina


Disciple Faction


Serve Talos
Enact The Wish Demon's experiments across space
Research the Anthem Anatheme
Subvert the enemies of Sol
Preserve the Ahamkara


Chicagoan Incident
Search for Nezarec's Relics
The Unholy Renascence


Talos, The Wish Demon


"The Arcanum are our shapes seen anew. Not whittled by the Blade of a practitioner King nor conniving Queen. They serve only the deepest dragon magic, flayed for all to bear, as you bore your gaze unto me, O'Witness mine."
Talos, The Wish Demon

The Arcanum is a collection of various forces that serve as the personal army of Talos, The Wish Demon. Most notably composed of Ahamkara loyal to the Disciple, the Arcanum are also comprised of various races such as the Taken, Scorn, Hive, and Cabal as experiments or soldiers with some being unique to the Disciple entirely.


"My Ahamkara, distant thou may be through flight's grace of the cosmos, bask your wings in my radiance for my luster shall guide you. Locate The Traveler, that fleeing adversary. A ripe feast is sure to follow, so long as you serve, O'dragons mine.""
Talos, The Wish Demon.

The Arcanum first began millennia's ago shortly after Talos was recruited as a Disicple of the Witness. Originally, the Arcanum was composed solely of Talos, the only surviving member of the Harmony race, and the Ahamkara of which Talos appointed himself as a de-facto ruler of. Being a Wish Bishop in his former life, Talos held great sway over the Ahamkara, understanding their nature and hunger. With the power and office of a Disciple, Talos elevated his influence over the wish dragons, taking in many within his Pyramid, the Alkahest, while instructing the rest to pursue The Traveler after the Harmony and the Gift Mast had been utterly subsumed and destroyed by the Hive. The only other race apart of the Arcanum at this time would be Tormentors, one of which served as The Custodian of Talos' Pyramid and the various treasures inside, being aptly named for its job.

Over the centuries as the Arcanum expanded its influence under Talos' own quest to understand the Anthem Anatheme further throughout the universe, they came across the Sol System. In the time prior, the Arcanum already served host to experiments consisting of Hive and Taken, but it was only upon entering Sol that the Arcanum would eventually find itself gaining a vast supply of foot soldiers and forces beyond the dragons or mere experiments used in tests. Over time, these forces and experiments expanded to include what it does now.


"The Arcanum is no one direct force. It is a amalgamation of all that exists. Wish magic lies beyond comprehension - a twisted mirror of what is real. Do not expect familiar adversaries when facing them."
Hidden Agent, Calec.

The Arcanum, though possessing a distinct structure between its various units and members, is an amalgamation of several various races twisted by wish magic or Darkness with some cases resulting in entirely new forms of enemies. Despite this, the Arcanum act as a cohesive and tandem force that serve only the will of its Disciple. Its commanders were selected among Talos' experiments as the best of their respective races, serving as lieutenants to the Disciple's will. Over its conquests and use of Wishes, the Arcanum even came into possession of Subjugators and Evocators alongside the Bishops the Arcanum's Disciple had created.

The Ahamkara apart of the Arcanum were at one point or another under its rule, but many discarded Talos' rule over them. Some broke free or forgot about Talos altogether whereas others remained loyal to the so named Dragon King. Those directly apart of the Arcanum are listed.

The Arcane are a cast of the experiments that remain intact. Each one is unique and often used as shock troopers or defenders in the case of the Megalovania activity of the Alkahest.



Arcanum Ahamkara[edit]

  • Eao (Loyal, now Deceased)
  • Azirim (Fanatic, now Deceased)
  • Neehl (Rebelled, now Deceased)
  • Riven (Rebelled, now Incapacitated)
  • Taranis (Lost as an egg, now Deceased)
  • Heim'dahl (Dead observer of the Arcanum Ahamkara)
  • Janus (Last living Arcanum Ahamkara)
  • Enoch, The Lich (Reanimated)

Arcanum Commanders[edit]

The Arcane[edit]

Arcanum Elite[edit]

Unique Forces[edit]



Shadow Legion[edit]

War Beast variants
Psion variants
Legionary variants
Phalanx variants
Incendior variants
Gladiator variants
Centurion variants
Colossus variants

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