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Absolution's Finality


Destiny 2


Beyond Light



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Prevent the Vex from weaponizing the Darkness of the Pyramid.

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To the Vex, the Light and Dark aren't powers to worship. They are powers to be exploited.

Absolution's Finality is a Dungeon introduced in Beyond Light and was released on October 9, 2020. It requires players to delve deep into the crust of Europa and break through a Vex stronghold that lies there with the goal of preventing the subtype there from fashioning new weapons and tactics from the Darkness of the Pyramid above.


Unique Enemies[edit]


Entering Absolution[edit]

Navigating the Nexus[edit]

Hunt Kitilion, Purified Mind[edit]

After entering the tubular transport system, the player(s) should find themselves on the direct route to the Machinocursed Dias before being interrupted by a suddenly appearing Jump Gate, which will then launch them to one of three scattered platforms, one of which will open up a Transfer Gate from the floor from which the powerful Hobgoblin frame, Kitilion, Purified Mind, will emerge, landing heavily onto the ground that was once the Gate, locks in its joints and conjures up a spectral, wispy barrier around it. Here begins the fight itself. The first thing players should do is find cover from the massive Hobgoblin Axis Mind to avoid taking significant damage from it's extremely powerful Line Rifle which can easily deplete a Guardian's health. Another attack players should also look out for is the Purified Mind's powerful Void Slam Grenade. The Grenade deals affects a massive blast radius and deals a significant amount of damage, even capable of instantly killing a low resilience Guardian. Occasionally, Kitilion will squat down and launch 3 Harpy Seekers from its back to relentlessly track, detonate and entrap any player struck by these kamikaze drones, making their prey easy pickings for their allies (if the Seekers hadn't already overwhelmed them, so the player(s) should listen out for any grinding noise coming out from Kitilion itself. Like all boss Vex units, Kitilion is also capable of the powerful Temporal Shockwave AoE melee ability, which, with regards to the lack of space on the platform, should be avoided at all costs. Throughout the fight, Kitilion will constantly spawn squads of Goblins from the nearby Transfer Gates and Hobgoblin snipers to keep the player(s) on their toes and, on occasion, a Minotaur or two to press the Guardians from cover and a Marked Inquisitor (something to note later down the road).

To progress further into the encounter, the player(s) must damage Kitilion until it loses one of its health gates. To deal damage to the Purified Mind, players should keep an eye out for the occasionally spawning Cleansed Minotaur and destroy them for their respective cranium and fire the elemental beam at the pulsating orb nestled in the wing-like appendages sprouting from the back of Kitilion. Different elemental beams will backlash the player(s), but the same element will disperse the orb and remove the Purified Mind's shield, stunning it for five seconds and exposes it to all damage. After the five second damage phase concludes, the Purified Mind will become shrouded in an immune temporal coat before kneeling down, twisting its arms upwards and begins creating a slowly growing voltaic aura around it. Here, the Purified Mind is building up energy to unleash a Cleansing Blast to wipe away any unit still remaining on the platform, so players should immediately find a way off the platform. Here, there should be no problem during this first encounter save for the previously mentioned Marked Inquisitor, which will have locked down the lift orb leading to the next platform. After successfully evading the Cleansing Blast, Kitilion should teleport to the next platform indicated by a silvery, blue pillar coming from the correct platform. Once Kitilion loses a sixth of its health, it will escape the first trio of platforms and move onto another pair of platforms beyond the superstructure's walls, forcing players to pursue and destroy it. However, from the remaining health gate and five-sixths of its health, Kitilion gains a new trick up its sleeve. Kitilion will begin to create shadowy projections which, not only bear the same combat capabilities and increases the real Vex frame's resilience or empowers its assailants during the damage phase, also creates a Cleansing Blast at their platform. To avoid the Spectral Shade(s), players should either destroy or seek a bright orange glow from one of the platforms. After pursuing the Purified Mind one last time, the players should find themselves in a massive ring of platforms with a semi-circular platform at the end (one of the teleportation spots), where the player(s) should finally terminate the Purified Mind and progress through the recently opened portal at the semi-circular platform. After navigating a massive chasm with minimal platforms to find footing on and entering a rapidly rotating quadrilateral tube, the player(s) should then fall into a massive storage area with a one-way barrier at its exit. The player(s) are now trapped in the superstructure's expansive Marrowways.

The Marrowways[edit]


Vanquish Koros, Absolved of Penance[edit]

Silo of Revelations (Fathomless Vertex Side-Quest)[edit]

Destroy Taligos, Warped by Darkness (Fathomless Vertex Side-Quest)[edit]



  • Atonement of Sins - Complete Absolution's Finality. - 100 Triumph Points.
  • No One's Martyr - Complete Absolution's Finality without dying. - 200 Triumph Points.
  • Chosen of Penance - Complete Absolution's Finality solo. - 200 Triumph Points.
  • Dark Messiah - Complete Absolution's Finality solo without dying. - 300 Triumph Points and the Penance's Revelation Emblem.
  • Stasis Schismatic - Unlock the Fathomless Vertex. - 200 Triumph Points.
  • Patient Conquistador - Do not destroy any Marked Inquisitors while Navigating the Nexus. - 200 Triumph Points.
  • Just Me and You - Defeat Kitilion without destroying any of its copies. - 200 Triumph Points.
  • Sleeping Beauties - Do not awaken an Osteocyte in the Marrowways. - 200 Triumph Points.
  • Running on Fumes - Keep all the Unstable Confluxes from detonating while under 50% stability. - 200 Triumph Points.
  • Killing the Source - Defeat Koros without disabling any of its power Attacks. - 200 Triumph Points.


  • Absolution's Finality is the first Dungeon to center the Vex.

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