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A Guardian Rises/Walkthrough
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Cosmodrome, Old Russia, Earth
Tower, The Last City, Earth




A Guardian Rises


This is a walkthrough for the first Story mission in Destiny.


Starting Gear[edit]




Arcadia Class Jumpship


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Enter the wall[edit]

"Take refuge inside the ancient wall"
— Objective description
  • Following two short cutscenes you will be spawned outside of The Wall encompassing the Cosmodrome.
  • Using the left analog move forwards towards the navigation point marking a break in the wall.
  • Run through the abandoned cars towards the break in the wall. Keep to the left of the break and follow the railings to the wall.
  • Here you will find an entrance. Enter through door to enter the Breach.

Find a weapon[edit]

"Search the wall for a weapon to protect you from the Fallen"
— Objective description
  • Follow stairs up into a corridor lined with translucent windows. Follow the walkway past the windows and into the dark which your Ghost will kindly light up.
  • You will approach a set of stairs. When walking up them you will see a Fallen Dreg climbing up within the wall.
  • Proceed onward and you will enter a large dark chasm. Here the Ghost will wander off into the darkness to find the lights.
  • Activating the lights reveals numerous support pillars in the distance laden with Fallen. The sudden bright light alerts the Fallen to your presence with a pair of Shanks chasing the Ghost to your position.
  • Here a gate will open to your right. Follow the Ghost into the gate to find a Khvostov 7G-02 lying against a crate.

Fight through the wall[edit]

"Find a way through the wall to escape the Fallen."
— Objective description
  • Holding X or (PS-4 "square" ) will pick up the auto rifle and equip it, arming your Guardian for future battles. From here proceed down the corridor and away from the pursuing Shanks.
  • While proceeding down the corridor, on the second turn a Dreg will climb out the left side of the corridor and a Vandal will drop from the roof in ambush. Kill both using your newly found weapon.
  • Pass through the hall and past a broken fence/wall. Here you will be ambushed by three Dregs and a Vandal who will drop from the roof.
  • After dispatching the latest group of foes, cross the bridge beyond. At the end of the bridge and on the right is a Fallen loot cache. Open it to receive Glimmer and either a Preacher Mk. 20 if you are a Titan/Warlock or a Calcutta-LR2 if you are a Hunter.
  • Proceed down the stairs after the loot cache and turn the corner slowly. This will to reveal a corridor laden with trip mines.
  • To avoid dying either shoot the wall attachments from a distance (not the lasers) to detonate the trip mines or crouch (Xbox B button or PS4 Circle button button) and walk under the lasers to avoid hitting and triggering the mines.
  • As you proceed down the hall avoiding trip mines, one Dreg will drop from the roof at the far end of the hall and 2 will emerge from the ground in front in ambush. A further four more Dregs will appear at the end of the corridor.
  • At the absolute end of the corridor you will enter a large hall and where you will be ambushed by a final four Vandals and five Dregs.
    • Dead Ghost #01 When entering the hall, walk down both sets of steps and turn left left. Head under the catwalk to find the first dead Ghost. Hold Xbox X button or PS4 Circle button to revive.
  • To exit this hall, head to the right of the hall to find a door. This door leads to a large vent with fans. Proceed down the vent and exit through a door on the right to leave the wall and enter the Divide.

Fight through the Fallen[edit]

"Fight to the other side of the Divide to escape the Cosmodrome"
— Objective description
  • As you first enter the Divide a fleet of Fallen ships, including a Ketch and several Skiffs, will enter Earth's atmosphere dropping Fallen enemies across the Divide.
  • While you proceed through the Divide you may choose to kill these enemies to gain experience and increase your level or avoid them entirely.
  • Head forwards and under the sign marked РФБА to find the Fallen. Either kill or proceed past the Fallen towards the left and towards Dock 13.
    • Dead Ghost #02 Head under the sign titled РФБА and proceed towards the right. After a short walk you will encounter a giant pipe. The Ghost can be found inside the pipe near some foliage.
  • The entrance to Dock 13 is marked by two large orange pipes. Be careful as there are numerous Dregs, Vandals and Shanks waiting at the entrance. Head into the building past the enemies.

Find the ship[edit]

"Search the area for the ship to escape the Cosmodrome"
— Objective description
  • Proceed through the building and you will encounter a small party of Fallen, composed of four Dregs and a Vandal, in a small room filled with computers and nets hanging from the ceiling.
  • Kill them and proceed through the corridor into a large hall containing the abandoned ship and numerous Fallen enemies.

Clear out the Fallen[edit]

"Eliminate the Fallen looting the ship"
— Objective description
  • This ship is protected by numerous Fallen including Dregs, Vandals, Shanks and Rahn, Devil Captain a Fallen Captain.
    • Boss: Rahn, Devil Captain Rahn is an easy boss with a shield weak to arc damage. Use arc abilities and weapons to deplete his shield, then aim for the head to reduce his health. Rahn is capable of short range teleportation so keep your distance. Beware of Dregs, Vandals and Shanks also in the hanger who collectively can reduce your health, leaving you vulnerable to Rahn's attacks.
  • You will need to clear out the room of all Fallen including the Fallen Captain. When you have killed all the Fallen you will trigger the ending cutscene.


  • The Ghost pilots the ship and Guardian out of the Wall while a Mysterious Exo watches from the top of the building. The ship then drops the Ghost and Guardian in the Tower.
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