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Vreksis, Captain of Dawn
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House of Light
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Titan (Sentinel)

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One of the first Eliksni Guardians recorded
Servant of the House of Light


"The cycle of failure and downfall must end. Now, Fallen will rise again, yes?"—Vreksis.

Vreksis, Captain of Dawn is a Guardian who works for the House of Light, and is also affiliated with the Last City and its Vanguard. He is one of the first of the Eliksni to ever be resurrected as a Guardian. He is partnered with the Ghost Raptor.


Past Life[edit]

Vreksis never thinks much about his life before becoming a Guardian. He was once a Captain known as Veksori of the House of Devils. Veksori was an ambitious and ruthless pirate who despised humanity for stealing their Great Machine, and conducted ambushes on numerous Guardians operating in the Cosmodrome. This got him a well-earned promotion into a Baron, where he began to employ guerrilla tactics to continue assaults on Guardians, and even attacking and looting their Jumpships. His reign of terror would persist after the defeat of Riksis and Sepiks Prime, before it was finally put to an end when the veteran Warlock Amaru personally tracked down and killed the Baron in a duel.

Veksori's body was left there in the dirt where he was killed as the years went by, all the way through the Taken War and the SIVA Crisis, and was eventually buried under the descending snow, long gone and unmourned.

Resurrection as a Guardian[edit]

The Cosmodrome would eventually be abandoned and overlooked after the SIVA Crisis, as Commander Zavala had issued a quarantine, forbidding any further Guardians from entering it. Despite this, however, a lone Ghost would return to the Cosmodrome after the conclusion of the Red War, clinging to the hope the one he would resurrect would be there. He scanned around and eventually discovered the body of a Fallen Devil Captain that had been preserved in the snow, and restored him to life as his Guardian.

In the days following his resurrection, the alien Guardian wandered the Cosmodrome, battling with the House of Dusk that had since occupied it. His Ghost named him "Vreksis", as it sounded like an Eliksni name, and Vreksis in turn named the Ghost "Raptor". Eventually, the two of them ventured out past the wall, and into the wastes of Old Russia beyond the Cosmodrome.

Wandering the Earth[edit]

Eventually, after weeks of wandering and battling Fallen with no sign of civilization in sight, Vreksis decided to camp out in a conveniently nearby crashed airplane, tired and lonely. He would remain there for many days and many nights, contemplating on how to find civilization. Ghost suggested they should find a ship of some sort they could use to go to the Tower, although he also feared that they would shoot the Captain on sight. Vreksis nonetheless thought it was a start, and set out to fulfill his new objective. However, he would be ambushed by Fallen somewhere along the way, but managed to fight them off with his Sentinel shield. He saw Red Legion Harvesters fly overhead in the distance, and had an idea as he kept walking.

Following the paths of the Cabal ships above, Vreksis continued his trek, battling patrols of Fallen and remnants of the Red Legion along the way. Eventually, word of his activity would start to spread, Fallen and Cabal feeds alike chattering about the Eliksni Guardian wandering the wilderness. Vreksis would finally reach the destination of the ships he had been following on foot: a large Red Legion encampment, right in the middle of nowhere. Hoping to commandeer a Cabal ship to fly to the City, he entered the base, and encountered Commander Vulkus, the leader of a group of Red Legion deserters.

The two battled for a long while, with Vreksis being repeatedly killed and resurrected. Despite the Captain's Light, Vulkus was quite the formidable foe, perhaps the strongest he would ever face. As the battle raged, Vreksis fought off wave after wave of reinforcements, to the point where he began to cripple the deserters' forces. As they continued to duel, the chattering continued, and soon enough, the signal was intercepted by Guardians, who went there to investigate.

Joining the House of Light[edit]

Personally and Traits[edit]


Vreksis is a Titan of the Sentinel class. He is able to summon two Sentinel Shields instead of one, and can also conjure a Ward of Dawn. His weapons of choice are an Auto Rifle, an Arc Fusion Rifle, and a Solar Rocket Launcher.