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Transcendent Mind, Sol Inherent
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Sol Inherent


Vex Mind


Hydra (Special)



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Garden of Salvation (Reimagined)


Overclock Blasts
Epoch Sight
Supplicants (Seekers)


Summon Vex
High Durability
Midair Levitation
Volatile Penitence
Summon Zealous Mind(s), Sol Inherent
Conjure Portal
Summon Oracles
Purge Wave
Purge Malfunction
Inquisitor's Wrath
Destroy Platform
Summon Angelic
Platform Repair
Voltaic Overload
Raise Platforms
Haven's Retribution
Platform Empowerment
Overload Streams
Barrier Shields


The Transcendent Mind, Sol Inherent is the head Vex Mind of the Sol Inherent, seen below the expansive substructure of the Black Garden, defending the Dark remnant and overseeing the Dark future for the Vex. It also serves as the final boss of the Garden of Salvation (Reimagined) seen in the last encounter.


When the Darkness first met the Vex, the Transcendent Mind, once called the Expansive Mind, was one of the first units to ally with this new power, rather than evade it. Soon following, the Sol Divisive and other familiar minds joined it, worshiping the fragments and remnants left behind by their revered masters. Becoming the Vex Mind of the newly instated Sol Inherent, it based itself underneath the dormant Pyramid buried underneath the Black Garden. The Mind and it's sub-type would go into hibernation until The Guardian would interact with the Pyramid on the Moon, where the Vex Mind, alongside The Undying Mind, would make it's move, deploying Vex units all across the Moon. Following the Garden of Salvation Raid, the Mind would be destroyed in a last stand as it attempts to defend the Pyramid from the Guardian perpetrators.


The arena will be separated by 6 different platforms, 3 accessible in the first segment of the encounter and 3 accessible later. The lower platforms have a relay to defend and the upper platforms will have a tether box for both platform repair and preparing a damage-phase. Each of the platform's environments will have a distinct layout, usually each designed to meet the demands of a specific Vex unit; one specializing in Hobgoblin snipers, one for Hydras, one for aggressive Minotaurs, and so on and so forth.

As for the boss itself, it has three methods of attack: one attack is the Overclock Blasts it fires from its hands, which fires powerful Arc bolts at a high velocity. This attack alone can easily drop even the highest leveled Guardians of their health with a few consecutive hits. It can also empower these blasts, increasing both velocity and adding a scatter ability to these rounds, but that will apply to the main gameplay of this monstrosity. Another attack ability is the Epoch Sight attack, where the massive Vex unit will unleash a powerful Solar beam attack that will kill a Guardian in mere milliseconds if they fail to seek cover and will only do this once it's Purge Wave ability has been denied. Finally, it will also summon a horde Supplicant Seekers to rapidly track and kill any Guardian it spots.

On one of the lower plates, a Foresight pool will spawn, where one of the Guardians must stand in the pool and observe its head and arms, which will indicate what energies must be tied to that appendage. At the beginning of the phase, the lower platforms are the only places accessible. There, the players must survive the Transcendent Mind's attacks and keep the adds away from the relays at those platforms. On occasion, it will charge one of its arms and amplify the power of its Overclock Blasts and, eventually, wipe the team. To stop it, one of the platforms will have a good vantage at its empowering crystals; one of the sides will be blocked by the armor and the side being assailed by the Mind will be blocked by a Vex Shield Barrier. Once destroyed, the assailed side will be teleported into another arena being patrolled by a Zealous Mind and 9 Oracles hidden throughout the arena. The trapped team must kill all the present adds and the Zealous Mind patrolling the arena to collect the motes and warp back. However, the team shouldn't be so hasty, they also have to remain for something else. After the team is warped, the Transcendent Mind will go up the team who disrupted its empowering ability and lockdown the area. Afterwards, the Mind's face panel will open up, ready to obliterate all of the Guardians with the Purge Wave ability. On the wall behind the team, they should see 9 different spots on the wall, 3 spots will be bright while the other 6 will be appear dimmer. The 3 bright spots will indicate which Oracles must be destroyed. Any incorrect Oracles destroyed will result in the team trapped with the Transcendent Mind will be obliterated by the Purge Malfunction ability. The correct Oracles destroyed will prevent the Purge Wave, but will allow the Mind to use its Epoch Sight ability. In further phases, the Mind will rotate its head in a clockwise or counter-clockwise fashion to throw off the readers., but can also be told about the orientation of its misshapen head.

After gathering the motes, the powered motes should be placed at the relays to empower them with the recommended energies and allow travel to the upper platforms. Much like the Fervent Mind, barriers will separate the platforms, so travel will also be impeded by shield barriers, so Angelics must be killed to allow travel, especially when players have to avoid the Mind's crushing swing which will obliterate any platform. Much like the Sanctified Mind, the platforms can be repaired with tethers. Occasionally, the Mind will charge its hands and release 4 separate Voltaic Overload Cubes, which are crucial to damaging Vex shielded by Temporal Shielding, especially important for the upper platforms. The Overloads can be stacked twice; this is crucial to doing full damage to the Transcendent Mind, so each person should plan their gathering accordingly.

Overtime, the Vex Mind will attempt to cast Haven's Retribution. If the Foresight callout is correct, the Mind will extend its arms towards the similarly charged relay, making it easier to tether the beam to those arms. If both aren't disabled consecutively, the Mind wipes the team, but this issue shouldn't be too much of an issue if it's done correctly. After the arms are disabled, the Mind's head will open up, revealing the Mind core inside and allowing damage. The team should have 2x Voltaic Energies for damage phase, allowing maximum damage output from all players. However, the team should also be aware of the Arc Overload Streams, which can easily deplete the players of their health, so they should damage the boss while avoiding the incoming Arc streams. After approximately 30 seconds of avoiding Overload Streams and adds, the boss will get back into its wiping stance and try to finish off the intruders. This time, however, the Mind will block off the Guardians with barriers, so the barriers must be disabled in order to climb up to the Vex Mind. To do so, players must follow the sequences shown on the barriers to open it. In the end the tether must be brought to the head to end the wipe mechanic and deal an infinitesimal amount of damage, but enough to finally end the Vex Mind when its health reaches its final threshold, finally destroying the Mind and allowing travel into the dormant Pyramid.