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Fervent Mind, Sol Inherent
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Sol Inherent







Combat information


Garden of Salvation (Reimagined)


Arc Rend Cannons
Scatter Pulse
Purge Blast


Summon Vex
High Durability
Summon Oversight Platforms
Inquisitor's Wrath
Inquisitor's Will
Summon Angelic
Summon Zealous Minds, Sol Inherent
Volatile Penitence
Charity's Lift
Summon Tethers
Gather Energies
Paganless Sanctuary
Forfeit Paradise


The Fervent Mind, Sol Inherent is a Sol Inherent Cyclops seen as the overseer of the Shadow Greenhouse in the Black Garden and serves as the second boss and encounter of the Garden of Salvation (Reimagined) Raid.



Most important to the encounter is the Foresight buff which tells which panels on the Cyclops' head must be shot to properly end the damage phase and which energy tethers the boss will bind to to prevent the wipe and initiate the damage. However, the player with Foresight must quickly tell which plates and tethers must be targeted before the Fervent mind escapes its "meditation" and engages the team. For the panels, there are 3 panels on each of its 4 plates; a good way to remember the call-out is to read clockwise starting from its top left plate and see if the panels are either near the tip of the plate (1), the middle of the plate (2), or the brunt of the plate (3) and read it in this fashion and in the clockwise order (for example: either 1132, 2313, 3221, etc.). The other thing Foresight indicates is the energy the boss will gather on it's two prongs when attempting to wipe the team, where the Voltaic Motes gathered from the patrolling Vex units are to be emptied into the spires on the upper floor by the Enlightened.

The encounter begins when a person enters the Foresight pool in front of the Fervent Mind, where the person has about 5 seconds to tell the panels that need to be shot and the energies that need to be gathered for a damage phase; once the boss gets into it's attack stance, the pool dissipates. Now, the team should split across the arena; there is 3 platforms with 3 individual confluxes (where enemies can still sacrifice with the Volatile Penitence wipe ensuing) where the team should organize 3 teams of 2. Angelics will occasionally spawn for the purpose of blocking the space between the platforms. Killing the barrier Angelic will open the way between, however, the Fervent Mind will create an Inquisitor's Will Barrier, so the teams should plan their travels between the platforms accordingly. To open the upper floor, which can only be accessed by Enlightened Players, one of the platforms should call out when they are ready to send a person up, for sending a person up decreases preparation phase time as well as get another person for the crucial bit of the lift mechanic, and get the squad on the platform to make a pattern which shows up when the conflux's box is shot. Once the Enlightened person acquires an energetic charge from a Zealous Mind, Sol Inherent, which only spawns once the starting platform's conflux is filled with either Dark or Light Motes (which is collected after the starting platform shoot a vent on the Fervent Mind, which spawns enemies coursing with the same energies as the vent) and spawns on the aforementioned platform. Once the conflux on the upper floor is filled, it becomes tied to the conflux underneath it, and, so, the once Enlightened person should guard the conflux, as well as the Enlightened person adjacent to them (the starting platform has no energetic conflux like the others, but does have a conflux to guard).

Once enough time passes, the Fervent Mind will attempt to wipe the team with its Paganless Sanctuary attack as it is gathering energies. To prevent this, the confluxes on the upper floor must be chained to the boss' respective prong (if the call-out was said correctly, the prongs should be oriented to the similarly energized tethers), where 3 get it's left prong and 3 get it's right. Once the Paganless Sanctuary wipe mechanic is halted, the players are teleported to the starting platform for damage. The eyes that originally covered its central eye will disappear, revealing a leaking Vex Core; the critical spot. Once open players should unload everything they have into the eye before they have to end the damage phase and prevent the Absolution attack. To end damage phase, the team must remember the order of the panels called out earlier and shoot the correct ones, unless they want to be wiped by the Forfeit Paradise attack. Once completed, the boss should be briefly stunned and a Foresight pool spawns, where the team must rinse and repeat.

Apart from all this, the Fervent Mind has three other, more common ways of attacking: using either the Arc Rend Cannons or the Void Scatter Pulse launchers mounted on its prongs. The Rend Cannons can quickly strip a Guardian of their shields and tear their health asunder; however, only the lower platform players have to deal with this attack. The Scatter Pulse Launchers launch a scatter of highly explosive Void flechettes into the air before they come down like a mortar, though, only those on the upper platform have to bear and resist this attack. A third attack is the Purge Blast, which the Fervent Mind will fire if one of it's vents are shot, where the Cyclops will launch a more volatile Eye Blast. As another method of attack, it will activate it's Inquisitor's Wrath attack, where the Fervent Mind will energize the barriers between the platforms and spin them around the arena to migrate the opposing Guardians to another platform; if the Fervent Mind lost half of it's health, the Mind will either speed up one end or stop one to either kill any slow Guardians or kill any who preemptively jumped on the lifts. At two-thirds of it's health, it will spawn rotating platforms (only accessible by enemies through the Overseer's Scorn Debuff), where sniper Hobgoblins will spawn and harass the assailing Guardians. At a third of it's health, Quantum Cyclopses will replace the Hobgoblins.