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House of Storms


Nythrex, Kell of Storm
Kovik, Splicer Sovereign
Fikrul, Time's Scourge
Felthriks, Storm Baroness
Edregan, Storm Hunter
Velthigor, Scorned Warrior


Aviros, Storm Prime
Araksis-12, Storm Gateway
Kridiks Reborn†


The Infinite Forest

At war with:

Sol Primeval
Star Chasers


"We cannot wait for the Scouts to return! When the Storm comes, there will be nothing left."
— Bracus Kahl

The House of Storm is a renegade Fallen house, distinguishable by their deep blue color scheme. They emerged shortly after Mercury's disappearance due to the Witness during the War of Salvation. The House is made up of simulated Fallen from multiple different timelines in the Infinite forest, who banded together to stop the Sol Primeval from colonizing their timelines.


Similar to the House of Kings, the House of Storm are a secretive group, only revealing themselves when they need to get violent. Multiple members of this house have stolen technology from the Vex, allowing them to travel to multiple simulated timelines. As stated by Nythrex, the only "true" goal of the house is to expunge the Precursors from the simulated timelines within the Infinite Forest.

Most members have already come to terms that they are not real, they are just simulations. Due to being simulations from differing timelines, the House of Storm is only present in the timelines that they travel to. Their house cannot be simulated, and combined with their secrecy, they are incredibly rare to come across.



The cities of Riis before the attack.

As the Precursors began to explore multiple simulations within the Infinite Forest, they began to attack the Riis of a past simulation. Nythrex, a Fallen of the House of Winter attempted to warn their Kell, Draksis about the impending danger. The Kell dismissed the claims as he reprimanded Nythrex. As the Precursors began to colonize Riis, Nythrex killed a Precursor unit and stole its "simulation-hopping" technology, allowing Nythrex to escape his simulated timeline without being killed. Nythrex began to spread his knowledge of the Precursors and their plans to colonize their timelines.

The Speech[edit]

"Is this what you want?! To be turned to dust by these mechanical demons?! No, you want freedom. Not just for yourselves, but for others. So I ask, brothers and sisters alike. Will you stand by my side to expunge these treacherous demons from every reality?!"
— Nythrex giving his speech to the Eliksni

Nythrex gathered as many Eliksni as he possibly could under the site of a destructed Ketch. Nythrex warned the Fallen about the Precursors, and their goals to colonize their timelines. To set an example, Nythrex tied a Precursor Goblin to a post and stood it upright. The Goblin squirmed to escape the rope it was bound to, but to no avail. Nythrex stated that the Goblin was incapable of individual thoughts, incapable of having feelings like love or remorse. Nythrex set the post on fire, causing the Goblin to squirm even more as its plates began to burn. With a shout, Nythrex stated that if the Eliksni join him, this will happen to the rest of the Vex. The Eliksni cheered, causing the post to fall back, allowing them to beat the Goblin to death.

Recruiting the High Priest[edit]

"These... things are so intricate. Their code loops around in circles, but leads to alternate dialog that initiate new actions! I must find what causes this... anomaly."
— Kovik after engaging with the Vex

In an alternate simulated reality further ahead in the future, the Precursors began to attack the Bunker Triglav, unaware of the High Priests presence. Kovik destroyed the Vex with ease, taking note of their abnormal architecture. Kovik began to study the Vex, dissecting their frames and stimulating their technology. As Kovik continued to study their technology, he eventually came across a device capable of crossing over into different simulated timelines. Accidentally activating this device, Kovik was transported to an alternate Venus, where the Vex were subjugating and enslaving the House of Winter. The Priest freed the Winter and began to travel to many different timelines.

Kovik had become a staple of the simulated timeline travel, pillaging settlements for tech and materials, killing Archons to become stronger, he was unstoppable. This would come to a surprising end when Kovik was caught and locked in the Prison of Elders for his deeds. Kovik was put in solitary confinement, never to see the light of day again.

Guardians called to stop the riot in the Prison of Elders.

Nythrex and the Storm would later break into the prison in search for those who wished to defect and become new members. They cut many prisoners free, and made deals to allow them into the house. The Warden would attempt to stop the house by initiating a self-destruct on the prison, but the self-destruction was stopped by Nythrex. Venturing deeper into the prison, Nythrex would come across the cell of the High Priest. Setting him free, Kovik was reluctant to trust Nythrex, until a deal was proposed. Nythrex promised Kovik's safety if he joined the Storm, he was aware of what a valuable asset the High Priest would be. Kovik accepted the deal under the condition that he be the lead Splicer of the house, which Nythrex obliged. The two would rally the rest of the house and escape the prison, the High Priest suggesting that they steal a Ketch. The High Priest took on a new title, Kovik, Splicer Sovereign.

Recruiting the Fanatic[edit]

"It was like looking onto a valley of tiny stars. Everywhere I looked, I saw thousands of orange and blue glowing lights. Each light, a singular Vex unit. Living there must have been hell for the Fanatic."
— A Log from Nythrex's Journal

The Tangled Shore was home to the Scorn before it became overrun by Precursors and Descendants. The light that covered the expanse of the shore was hidden by Vex structures and spires. The Scorn were nearly wiped out from the shore, with the Fanatic and a few Scorn members being sent into hiding. The colonization of the shore was overseen by Quria; The essence of the Fanatic was vital to controlling the Taken and stopping a rampaging Riven. Fikrul and his crew became scavengers, held up in the Jetsam of Saturn, surviving off of leftover scraps abandoned by the Hive.

Nythrex entered the crashed warship, where he was greeted by the Fanatic's Staff at his throat. He remarked that it was a powerful weapon before kneeling down in front of Fikrul. Nythrex explained his origins and his reason for being there, saying that he wished to recruit him into the Storm. He showed two devices, stating that the Fanatic could only bring one other warrior with him. Fikrul looked amongst his crowd of scorn, before choosing one warrior to accompany him, the Scorned warrior Velthigor. The three traveled back to the Storm Ketch, where Fikrul and Velthigor were greeted by the members of Storm. The Fanatic took on a new title, Firkul, Time's Scourge.


Unlike the other religion-driven houses like the House of Devils, the House of Storm operates without any Archons due to the cynicism of their only god. In most of the timelines within the forest, the Traveler left Riis as the Precursors attack, or was subsequently destroyed. The House is also incredibly revolved around their Kell. Nythrex holds a totalitarian command over the Storm, those who defy him have their lower arms amputated and are reduced to dregs. If Nythrex dies, they are meant to be disbanded and cover more ground.

The House's continued use of Vex technology has brought major concerns to the Storm civilians, wondering if their lives are being put in danger.