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"I return from exile. With my flagship, I will once again devour entire worlds. Let them know, O' champion mine! Let them know what they face! Let them know what will become of them once we arrive! Let them know...that the World Eater is coming."
— Emperor Calus celebrating his return
Emperor Calus
Biographical information












800 lbs.

Combat information


The Leviathan


Cabal Slug Launcher
Cabal Cluster Missiles


Blindness Effect
Slowness Effect
Psionic Barriers
Paralysis Debuff
Burning Effect
Suppression Debuff
Berserker Rage
Summon Cabal
Weapon Resistance
Limited Flight
Devourer Melee
Projection Shield
Relapse Debuff
Belly of the Beast
Flame Turrets
Turret Barrier


Emperor Calus is the exiled Emperor of the Cabal. After being overthrown in a coup led by Dominus Ghaul, Calus has since resided in his flagship: the Leviathan. He awaits the Guardians in his throne room so he can face them personally.

Main Mechanics[edit]

Psionic Barriers[edit]

Emperor Calus will be fully shielded by four Psions, three of which have elemental shields. They must be killed in the following order: Arc, Solar, Void. One thing to be wary of is that Calus' attacks will inflict special debuffs that compound when the Psions die. Killing the Arc Psion allows his attacks to inflict a paralysis effect, holding Guardians in place for a short time. Killing the Solar Psion allows his attacks to inflict a burning effect. Killing the Void Psion allows his attacks to suppress Guardians' abilities. The last Psion can then be killed, causing Calus to enter a berserker rage.

Devour Phase[edit]

When in this state, Calus will get a significant damage resistance and will charge down any Guardian at random. He occasionally uses his jump jets to close the gap. Once close enough, he employs a specialized gauntlet that will hold a Guardian in place and slowly drain their health. He will also deploy a projection shield that prevents players from entering and escaping. However, the projection shield can be destroyed with enough sustained fire. The Guardian that was being drained will get the Relapse debuff, which temporarily disables health and shield recovery. Calus will seek out all Guardians at least once. After the final projection shield is disabled, the damage phase begins.

Belly of the Beast[edit]

After sustaining 30 seconds of damage, Calus will open a portal, called Belly of the Beast, that will suck in all Guardians at once to the Leviathan's core. The core is outfitted with flame turrets that must be destroyed to re-enter the main arena. If the turrets are not destroyed within 20 seconds, the core will engulf the entire team. When Calus is at 5% health, he too will enter the portal to make his last stand. The turrets will shield him and they must be destroyed quickly. If Calus is not killed in time, engulfment ensues.