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Edge Transit (Joke Quest)


Destiny 2: Forsaken




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Edge Transit

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Edge Transit is a Quest featured in Destiny 2: Forsaken, of which the completion of a lot of objectives in necessary to receive this quest. Comprised of three separate playlists for replayable Heroic activities and two lengthy missions, the quest rewards the player with an exotic version of the Edge Transit Grenade Launcher.


In order to receive the quest, the player must:

  • complete all raids and raid lairs flawlessly (on normal, and prestige if it applies)
  • obtain every Exotic at least once
  • reach maximum ranks in Quickplay and Competitive
  • collect all lore pieces
  • achieve all triumphs
  • fill up all collections to 100%
  • do a flawless run of Trials of the Nine
  • defeat all five Escalation Protocol bosses
  • and do a successful tier 4 run of Blind Well

Quest Steps[edit]

After completing the above objectives, you will then have to wait for Xur to arrive. To get the quest from him, you will need to buy all the exotics he has on offer and purchase a Fated Engram. Then, he will give you the quest, where you will do the following:

  • Do all Heroic Adventures. These will appear in a playlist with static modifiers: Arc Singe, Blackout, and Match Game.
  • Do all World Quests on Heroic Mode. These will also appear in a playlist with static modifiers: Solar Singe, Grounded, and Attrition.
  • Do all Heroic Nightfall Strikes. These, again, will appear in a playlist with static modifiers: Extinguish, Void Singe, Iron, and Famine.
  • Complete an arena-type quest mission called "On the Edge", which sends you to The Farm to stop an invasion of Fallen, Hive, Vex, Cabal, Scorn and Taken. The modifiers for this will be Extinguish, Glass, Famine, and all Singes. Enemies from all factions will appear in the are and must be fended off in waves of progressively stronger enemies. Waves 1-3 will consist of a bunch of red bars; waves 4-6 will consist of Elites (orange health bars); waves 7-9 will consist of Majors (yellow bars); wave 10 will consist of an Ultra of each enemy unit protected by randomly rotating elemental shields. Completing this mission will get you a Grenade Launcher Frame.
  • Complete a boss-rush quest mission called "Furious Transit", which sends you through a series of dungeons deep within the Tangled Shore, each filled with their own bosses. The modifiers will be as follows: Extinguish, Loadout Lock, Glass, Grounded, Blackout, Iron, Famine, Match Game, Attrition, and Momentum. There will be one boss per faction, and the order will be Fallen (Loliks Prime)-->Hive (Clumsy Storm)-->Vex (Poorly Programmed Machinery)-->Cabal (Sergeant Pushover)-->Taken (Corrupted by the Something)-->Scorn (Hysteria Chieftain) with different mechanics and deadlier, more varied attacks. Completing this mission will give you a Transit of Edge token.
  • Apply the token to the frame and you finally get your Edge Transit, except it is an exotic with 1 attack and all the stat bars are set to 1. It cannot be infused, dismantled, or vaulted. The reload animation shows the player tossing it aside and pulling out a new one...very slowly. Its intrinsic perk is Transit Bound, which prevents the player from switching weapons once it has been pulled out. Also, it needs to be upgraded. Upgrading can be earned through gaining XP by any means.
  • Its perks are Countermass, Thermoplastic Grenades, Threat Detector, and Ambitious Assassin. These perks will each cost 10000 Glimmer, 50 resource materials, and 10 Masterwork cores. After unlocking these perks, then you get the exotic perk, which is called "Over the Edge". This perk disables jumping, drastically reduces movement speed, suppresses abilities, and drains health and ability energy when held; it will cost 20000 Glimmer, 100 resource materials, 50 Masterwork Cores, and 10 Ghost Fragments to unlock. Its catalyst will be called Edge Transit Scavenger; it can be obtained through completing Last Wish, takes 10000 kills with the weapon to unlock, and its perk makes it so that every engram picked up while this weapon is equipped has a 100% chance of turning into an Edge Transit.