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Clumsy Storm
Biographical information

Other names:

Couch Potato
Fatman of the Hive
Potbelly Ogre




Savathûn's Hive


The Eater


Bloated Ogre



Combat information


Edge Transit


Infection Club


Void Eye Blast
Lethargy Effect
Infection Debuff
The Eater's Bile
The Bile's Tremor
Damage Absorption
Protect Weak Spot
Berserker Rage
Eater's Consumption
High Durability
Summon Hive


— Clumsy Storm on his constant stomach pain

Clumsy Storm is a mega-beefy Hive Ogre. His favorite food is fried Thralls due to their high fat content, which gives him his massive bulk. Banished for his inactivity, he suffers eternal stomach pain in a dungeon of the Tangled Shore during the Exotic quest for Edge Transit.


Clumsy Storm has an Infection Club in his hand that inflicts the Infection debuff on whoever it hits; infected targets will suffer swirly vision and fall to the ground for a short time. From range, he also fires a beam of Void blasts from his eye like other Ogres, but his blasts will inflict his victims with Lethargy, briefly decreasing their damage and health by 100%. His weak spot is not his eye, but rather his stomach; he will block this area at all times and every other area struck will heal him by the exact amount of damage dealt. Occasionally, Clumsy Storm will release poisonous bile that covers the entire floor with a toxic substance that inflicts heavy poison effects and restricts the player's ability to jump or sprint; this bile will remain on the ground for 20 seconds at a time. Every time he loses 10% of his health, he will eat a Thrall and gain a drastic movement in speed for a short time; he is capable of consuming the player as well in this state. For every player he consumes, Clumsy Storm will gain an increase in damage absorption efficiency, healing up to twice the damage dealt to him when not struck in his stomach. During this phase, Clumsy Storm is also capable of unleashing a scream that causes an earthquake and summons several avalanches of pianos to slam down on the arena. Have fun!