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Poorly Programmed Machinery
Biographical information

Other names:

Glitchbot 2.0
The Prototype
Failure Mind




Vex Sol Collective


Unstable Cyclops


Axis Mind Prototype

Combat information


Edge Transit


Cyclops Blast
Chronology Rifle
Torch Hammer


Time Distortion
Slowness Effect
Elemental Shields
Blindness Effect
Burning Effect
Weakened Debuff
Glitched-Out Rage
Rapid Teleportation
Lagging Out Debuff
Loading Screens
Sever Connection
High Durability
Random Immunity
Summon Vex


"Error 404: File Not Found"
— Poorly Programmed Machinery when experiencing technical difficulties

Poorly Programmed Machinery is an abandoned, dysfunctional Axis Mind kitbashed together in a Vex junkyard. Its abilities become too chaotic for even its fellow Vex to control, and so it was locked away in a dungeon deep within the Tangled Shore during the Edge Transit Exotic quest.


Poorly Programmed Machinery initially behaves like a normal Cyclops, albeit with a number of improvements. It mainly attacks with its signature artillery blasts from long range, although these blasts can seek out their targets, so have fun with that. When faced at closer ranges, it uses its Chronology Rifle for suppressive fire. Occasionally, it will charge up and fire a Time Distortion blast (AKA Vex Nova Bomb, which leaves behind a large dome that inflicts a slowness effect on all players inside. It is protected by random elemental shielding and the type of shield determines the damage type of its attacks and the effects they can inflict: Arc shields give Arc damage and inflict blindness effects; Solar shields give Solar damage and inflict burning effects; Void shields give Void damage and inflict the "Weakened" debuff, which decreases weapon damage by 100% for a short time. These shields are extremely resistant to all forms of damage, but do not regenerate. However, when its shielding breaks, then the craziness begins. It will start to spasm uncontrollably, gain the ability to teleport, become immune at random intervals, and rapidly several barrages of Torch Hammer blasts, with the rate of fire increasing with duration. In addition, it will release a pulse that will cause players to experience server lag, loading screens, and reduced internet connection at random intervals with the effects ramping up over time; this phase will last for 60 seconds. Now you see why Primus Draug'oth doesn't create bosses often?