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Loliks Prime
Biographical information

Other names:

Loliks, the Kitbashed
Loliks, the Failure
Loliks, the Glitched




House of Dusk


Unstable Servitor


Prime Servitor Prototype

Combat information


Edge Transit


Servitor Eye


Blinding Pulse
Servitor's Grasp
Servitor's Fall
Solar Defenses
Ether Gorge
Ether Shield
Servitor Melee
High Durability
Summon Fallen


— Loliks Prime as it rapidly fires its eye blasts all over the place

Loliks Prime is a mechanical failure of the House of Dusk, and an unfortunate Prime Servitor prototype confined to the inner dungeons of the Tangled Shore in the Exotic quest for Edge Transit.


Loliks fires its eye blasts at an absurdly fast rate; they are cycled at 3000 RPM. These blasts will each bounce ten times before homing in on a random player and leaving a blinding pulse upon detonation. Loliks will rapidly teleport while executing this attack and spin in random rotations, making the blasts travel in all directions (hence the "LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL"). When faced at close range, it unleashes an eye beam that kills the player in two ticks, and is capable of projecting shield rays on all nearby Fallen, giving them complete immunity, drastically increased fire rate and damage, faster movement speed, teleportation, and wallhacks (where is your god now). Every time it loses 25% of its health, it will surround itself in a Solar immunity shield and will summon Ether Servants, Major Dregs armed with a Wire Rifle, as well as Ether Guards, Major Captains armed with a rapid-fire Scorch Cannon and surrounded by a wide aura that poisons players with toxic Ether fumes and absorbs all damage (you need to get right in his face to even damage him). To remove Loliks' shield, one must kill the Guard and grab his cannon. If the Servants are left unchecked, then they will be gorged on by Kaliks, completely restoring its health; Loliks can heal itself regardless of whether or not it is currently shielded (get trolled, buddy). Have fun!