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Amtec, Equilibrium's Ward
Biographical information




Red Legion


Psion Flayer


Psion (Special)



Combat information


Takedown on the Almighty


Equilibrium Rifle (Phase 2)


Summon Cabal
High Durability
Rapid Movement (Phase 2)
Rapid Flight (Phase 3)
Midair Levitation (Phase 1 & 3)
Psionic Pulse (Phase 1)
Quake (Phase 2)
Voltaic Strike
Void Prison
Solar Seekers
Void Singularity
Incendiary Ward
Solar Barbican Targe
Arc Dash
Summon Psion Commander(s)
Immune Shield
Psionic Bolts (Phase 3)
Summon Psion Flayer Visages (Phase 2)
Summon Spectre of Vengeance (Phase 3)


"I promised my sisters vengeance if they did meet their end. So, now, I must oblige. (...) If I were to be honest? I care not for your pathetic city or the damnable orb you and Ghaul worshiped. Your death would be victory enough. And here? I am going to secure a victory for the Red Legion once and for all."
— Amtec threatening the Guardian.

Amtec, Equilibrium's Ward is the remaining sister of the Red Legion's Psion Flayer council and is the de facto leader of the Red Legion. Responsible for the plan of sending The Almighty on a collision course towards The Last City, she served as the main antagonist of the Season of the Worthy and is the final boss of the Takedown on the Almighty.


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